About Kuru

Our relentless focus on innovation reflects our commitment to endless comfort for a pain-free life. Which is why we design and develop footwear that outperforms at the highest levels. With nature on our side, some science and a bit of magic, we are obsessed with raising the bar. Something good enough to chase your dreams is more than a shoe—it's a KURU.

2020 will be our best year in history (30% growth YOY at a minimum) and our best profit year as well. Listrak has been a HUGE part of that success. -Sean McGinnis, SVP, KURU


KURU experienced the frustrations that many brands and retailers face – they were using disparate providers for email and triggers to piece together their digital marketing program, and it just didn’t cut it. As issues continued to develop, KURU knew they needed a partner who could provide best-in-class email technology and would also be an extension of their team, helping to ensure their success.

With a vested interest in consolidating platforms, improving deliverability and enabling additional partnership opportunities with providers like UPS, KURU knew that Listrak provided the single integrated platform and true partnership they were seeking.


KURU is experiencing their best year in 2020 and, with Listrak, seeing a 79x ROI since the launch of their programs. Sean McGinnis, SVP with KURU has been thrilled with the Listrak partnership and results thus far.

The experience with Listrak has been top-notch. We couldn't have asked for a more dedicated and experience team to help us reach our goals, said McGinnis.


ROI Since Launch

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