posted on
June 11, 2021

6 Loyalty Types That Improve Customer Engagement

6 Types of Loyalty To Improve Customer Engagement

On average, loyal customers are worth 10x as much as their first purchase. Isn’t this reason enough to focus on customer retention?!
posted on
May 21, 2021

Why SMS is the Perfect Channel for Alert Messages

90% of text messages are opened within just 3 minutes of delivery, making Back in Stock, Price Drop, and Low Inventory messages perfect for sending through SMS.
posted on
May 14, 2021

Using Coupons in SMS Campaigns

Are you inadvertently training your customers to only purchase with a coupon? Learn how to balance your SMS marketing calendar.
posted on
May 11, 2021

Perry Ellis International Improves Business Agility

Perry Ellis consolidates all five brands to Listrak and doesn’t miss a beat with a rapid and smooth migration.
posted on
May 7, 2021

Supreme Court Decision Not Necessarily Open Season for Changes to SMS Marketing Campaigns

Learn how the Supreme Court ruling in Facebook Inc. v. Duguid, et al. factors into SMS campaign updates you may be considering.
posted on
April 30, 2021

Use SMS to Engage with Customers Post-Purchase

Given today’s high adoption of SMS marketing, leveraging text messages or a cross-channel combination of email and SMS is a best-in-class post-purchase strategy all marketers should use.
posted on
April 23, 2021

What Makes Your SMS Subscribers Click? Learn their preferences with A/B Split Message Testing

What Makes Your SMS Subscribers Click?

Use A/B split message testing to learn your audience's text preferences to ensure lower unsubscribe rates and higher response rates.
posted on
March 31, 2021

Leveraging Text Messaging for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Navigating compliance requirements when building your cross-channel communication strategy with Shopping Cart Abandonment text messages.
posted on
March 25, 2021

How to Foster List Growth Quickly

An SMS program's overall growth depends on a strong list and a consistent focus on acquiring new subscribers.
posted on
March 20, 2021

Lolë Sends Personalized, Multi-Language Messages

Listrak’s technology and expertise help Lolë increase engagement globally.
posted on
March 18, 2021

Getting Started with SMS Segmentation

Segmentation is an important strategy in any digital channel and it’s powerful within SMS to maximize volume and engagement. Learn how to segment your SMS list with these 3 strategies.
posted on
March 14, 2021

Project Launchpad: Cross-Channel

Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

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