Shopify has announced that they are investing in Checkout Extensibility as the sole way to customize Shopify Checkout moving forward. Because it is app-based, upgrade-safe, and fully integrated with Shop Pay, Checkout Extensibility makes customizing your checkout easy and efficient. With Checkout Extensibility, you can use apps and branding tools to make customizations without the need for coding knowledge, or you can use Shopify’s collection of components and APIs to create a checkout experience that performs for your unique needs.

Benefits of Checkout Extensibility:

  • Faster conversions
  • Integration with Shop Pay
  • Powerful new checkout features
  • Upgrade-safe, enhanced security
  • Consistent buying experience

What You Need to Do

The shift to Checkout Extensibility is replacing the need for checkout.liquid. As a result, checkout.liquid will be turned off for the Information, Shipping and Payment pages starting August 13, 2024. Checkout.liquid, script tags, and additional scripts for the Thank You and Order Status pages are also deprecated and will be turned off starting August 28, 2025. Are you currently customizing your checkout with checkout.liquid? If so, you’ll need to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility before the above dates

Whether you choose to upgrade just the checkout pages or make all upgrades at once, Listrak's new pixel integration for Checkout Extensibility must be done by the August 13, 2024 deadline for all Shopify mutual clients, replacing Listrak’s JavaScript code for the appropriate pages. Our pixel will handle checkout email and SMS capture points, email and SMS marketing subscription points, and conversion tracking code. 

Listrak is Here to Help

Need help understanding the upgrade to Checkout Extensibility?  Connect with your Account Manager to review the upcoming changes and walk through the process. If you complete the upgrade yourself, be sure to notify your Account Manager so your Listrak team can validate that everything is working as expected.

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