Listrak Delivers Results.

The retail digital marketing automation platform trusted by 1,000+ leading brands for email marketing, mobile messaging, customer insights and cross-channel orchestration.

June 3, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Listrak has been nothing but amazing for us.

Joel H
June 4, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Great partner for growth.

Lisa D
June 9, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

A Great Marketing Partner.

Erin K
June 16, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

A data-driven, easy to use tool for marketers to automate their SMS, email, and CRM programs.

Petey S
June 5, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Amazing ESP and So Much More.

Matt G
June 24, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Great platform for Email, SMS & CRM.

Radhika J
June 10, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Excellent ROI for E-Commerce Brands Looking to Grow.

Katherine R
June 11, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

Listrak is not just another ESP, they are a Valued Partner of our business.

Rob K
July 2, 2020  |  G2 Crowd

An ESP that Delivers.

Bryan P

Powering Over 1,000 Retailers

We're laser-focused on helping our clients drive results and exceed their goals. It's the foundation of how we develop our products and how we work with our clients.

The Listrak Platform

Listrak Solutions

Cross Channel Orchestration

Listrak’s intuitive drag-and-drop tools allow marketers to easily create sophisticated multi-stage, non-linear journeys and 1:1 real-time interactions across channels that respond to new customer signals, previous interaction data, and machine learning algorithms resulting in highly-personalized experiences.

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Customer Insights

Unlock your unified customer data through powerful exploration and visualization tools with Listrak CRM. Observe the complete Customer Journey. Access seamless integration within the Listrak platform to make insights actionable through segmentation, automation and orchestration.

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Behavioral Based Triggers

Automatically generate timely and relevant messages directly linked to real-time customer behaviors anywhere across the customer journey to strategically influence purchase intent at the right point in time to maximize conversions and customer lifetime value.

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Unified 360° Customer Profile

Listrak observes, collects and synthesizes data from disparate data sources and at every touchpoint across the customer journey – both online and offline – to capture critical customer signals, link them to a single, unified 360 customer profile, and create highly-actionable customer data.

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Predictive Personalization

Increase results across every marketing campaign by harnessing historical customer data to predict future behavior. Predictive Analytics uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistical modeling to assess the likelihood of what will happen in the future.

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Growth Xcelerator Platform

Integrated identity resolution that increases conversion rates for otherwise anonymous visitors, amplifies trigger campaign results, significantly grows your subscriber list and even reengages inactive customers on your list – all full-service with no additional work from you.

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Client Testimonials

They truly care about our business’ success

Our previous digital marketing provider could not deliver the results, product depth, and support that Listrak does. We could tell from the minute we began onboarding with Listrak, there was no comparison. They truly care about our business’ success and help us daily to maximize our growth.

We’ve seen a 60% improvement in our email revenue

Our team was very impressed with how quick, thought out, and buttoned-up the entire implementation effort was. Communication was never an issue, timelines were established early on and met, and all of the work was properly prioritized. To date, we’ve seen a 60% improvement in our email revenue.

The people at Listrak go above and beyond

I’ve been very impressed with the speed of innovation and continual investment in the Listrak platform. The tool itself is powerful and the people we work with go above and beyond to make us feel supported. Since working with Listrak we’ve seen a 475% improvement in email revenue.

Listrak Delivers Results

As a testament to our clients' satisfaction and the results they’ve achieved through their Listrak partnership, we've earned an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 82 – far outpacing other leading marketing and technology providers.

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