Collaborate. Innovate. Integrate.

Your success is our goal. Think of Listrak as an extension of your marketing team. Partnering with Listrak gives you an entire team of digital marketing and technical specialists whose proven strategies and expertise will help you grow.

Account Services

Stay current with today’s digital marketing best practices. Our account managers will help you develop digital marketing campaign ideas proven to engage consumers, drive incremental revenue and increase your AOV and ROI. You’ll receive ongoing guidance to maximize performance using many of the strategies we’ve developed into widely-used industry trends.


Our account managers will help you set objectives, audit your customer data and campaign metrics, and provide valuable feedback to help you benchmark your campaigns and understand what works best for your audience.


Before you launch any campaign, we’ll meet to review your goals and discuss the best strategies to help you succeed. You’ll receive customized training so you’ll know exactly how and when to launch. And we’ll help you integrate any technical components, migrate your data, and implement any new solutions smoothly and efficiently.


You'll receive guidance at every stage, including planning, development, execution, testing, optimization or tracking. We’ll also introduce a variety of creative approaches to further drive engagement and revenue.


We’ll help you strategize campaign testing and optimize each one for performance, watching closely for trends you can capitalize on to enhance future campaigns.

Strategy Services

Take a deeper dive into your account analytics to identify new opportunities, build advanced strategies, and compare your performance against a broad set of competing businesses. You’ll work closely with Listrak’s dedicated strategists and analysts who can recommend actionable strategies to optimize campaigns across multiple channels.

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Actionable Insights

We’ll help you leverage relevant data to identify your most important business challenges, define KPIs, and provide key insights to help you power personalized, cross-channel campaigns.

  • Email analysis and reporting
  • Cross-channel campaign reporting
  • Subscriber audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • In-store assessment
  • Campaign benchmarking
Executable, Customer-Based Strategies

Somewhere in your terabytes of stored data lives a comprehensive view of your ideal customer. We’ll help you mine that information and use it to develop personalized messages that communicate one-on-one with your customers at every touchpoint. Together, we’ll develop acquisition, conversion and retention strategies based on consumer behavior that will increase revenue and ROI.

  • Customer-intent segmentation strategy
  • Email lifecycle strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Cross-channel strategy
  • Personalization strategy
Scalable Innovation

You’ll receive customized plans with a phased approach, documented timelines, and a list of deliverables to quickly and effectively move you from insights to execution. Using our market-leading technology, we’ll automate your campaigns to improve efficiency, reduce your time commitment and free up valuable resources.

  • Retail communications planning
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization
  • Market-leading technology
  • Customized, tiered approach
  • Promotional and message calendar development

Professional Services

From content strategy to full design services, we’ll help you develop, create, personalize and deploy messages that engage and convert at every touchpoint.

Creative Design

Presenting a consistent brand and customer experience is paramount to your success. Our designers will integrate your brand standards and visual assets to create beautiful, inspired campaigns.

Copywriting and Content Optimization

Personal, relevant content generates the highest performance metrics. Our team of content strategists and copywriters will create perfectly toned, targeted messages that resonate with your customers and drive brand engagement. We can perform multivariate split testing to determine the winning version based on open rate, read or click rate, click-to-open rate, conversion rate, or revenue per email sent.

Mobile Optimization

Because customers view more than half of your messages on their mobile devices, we’ll convert and optimize any campaign to perform responsively on mobile screens.

Quality Assurance

Finally, we ensure messages render properly in all major email clients and browsers, both desktop and mobile.


Listrak’s digital marketing platform integrates seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms. In most cases, we can have you up and generating successful campaigns within weeks, not months.

Tactical Implementation

We’ll quickly import all your data and assets, making sure everything is properly configured and operating effectively.


We work closely with a number of partners, from platforms to solution integrators to industry partners who specialize in eCommerce, enabling us to provide organizations with easily integrated solutions.


Our robust XML-based API lets you easily connect external systems to the Listrak platform.


Your email campaign’s success depends on reaching the inbox and rendering correctly. With regulations, technology and ISPs in constant flux, their impact on your messages can be significant if you don't stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Industry Relationships

As one of the industry’s most respected and trusted Email Service Providers, Listrak maintains close relationships with ISPs, and has taken leadership roles in key organizations responsible for creating rules and best practices. As such, we can give you strategic guidance to help maximize your inbox success. We’re also qualified to guide you through the Return Path certification process.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Deliverability Team actively monitors subscriber engagement—a big part of reputation—and can help re-engage or suppress inactive subscribers. We’ll also advise you on best practices for acquisition, schedules, content and regulations, and can help test campaigns before deployment to monitor inbox placement. Our Principal Delivery Strategist will devise a sending strategy for your initial sends, making sure we execute proper IP address warming and reputation management best practices. When needed, we’ll create remediation strategies to address deliverability issues.

The Right Tools

Listrak can help analyze and isolate delivery issues using both industry standard and proprietary deliverability reporting tools. Our strong email sending infrastructure provides on-time, on-demand, business-critical email services for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated email marketers. We offer dedicated IP addresses, shared IP pools, and can authenticate senders through SPF, DKIM and DMARC. We also provide ISP-specific deliverability reporting, abuse reporting with feedback loops and automated address removal for bounces or complaints.