Digital Marketing Automation


Unified 360° Profile

Listrak observes, collects and synthesizes data from disparate data sources and at every touchpoint across the customer journey – both online and offline – to capture critical customer signals, link them to a single, unified 360 customer profile, and create highly-actionable customer data.

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Customer Insight

Listrak combines artificial intelligence, self-learning predictive algorithms, and actionable analytics from our Artificial Intelligence Suite with the actual intelligence, experience, and expertise of Listrak strategists to produce automated advanced segmentation, predictive content, and optimized interactions.

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AI-Driven Personalization

Listrak’s intuitive drag-and-drop tools allow the marketer to easily clone or create sophisticated multi-stage, non-linear journeys and 1:1 real-time interactions that respond to new customer signals, previous interaction data, and machine learning algorithm results for highly-personalized experiences.

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Focused Engagement

Listrak delivers highly effective, contextually-relevant messages at precisely the right time across the right combination of channels and devices to maximize customer engagement, revenue, and lifetime value.

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Listrak CRM


Unlock Your Customer Data

Unlock your unified customer data through powerful exploration and visualization tools. Observe the complete Customer Journey. Access seamless integration within the Listrak platform to make insights actionable through segmentation, automation and orchestration.

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