Our Partners

Partner relationships play a significant and valuable role in our success and the success of our mutual clients. We align with ecommerce platforms, digital marketing agencies, industry and technology providers to streamline integrations and enhance product offerings.

What Partnerships Mean to Listrak

Listrak works closely with our partners to ensure we’re collaborating on industry trends, best-in-class strategies, and most importantly, our customers. Partners drive our ability to work alongside some of the best in the industry. We’re here to help maximize your clients’ efforts and results.

Explore our Partners


Unleash Creators to Power your Owned Channels

#Paid and Listrak offer retailers the power of creator marketing and cross-channel engagement to drive conversions.


Personalized Content and Experience

Through outfitting content and styling advice, Stylitics delivers deeper personalization for increased AOV, conversions and loyalty.


Deliver a Flexible Buying Experience

Offer your customers a "Buy Now Pay Later” option with Afterpay. Promote across your website and emails and see increased conversions, and greater CLV.



Through the use of a fun online quiz created by Digioh, Listrak client Burpee was able to grow their subscriber list and collect zero-party data for more personalized and thoughtful messaging to customers.


Manage and Give Your Support agents a Unified View

Gorgias is helpdesk software built for ecommerce. Together with Listrak, retailers deliver exceptional customer support via two-way, SMS conversations.


Attract and nurture new customers with targeted gifting campaigns

In partnering with Nift, Listrak client Knockaround drives strong acquisition, then keeps new
consumers engaged with email remarketing campaigns through the Listrak platform.


Improve Customer Experience and Gain Significant Revenue

A YOTTAA site audit, as a standard practice with all GXP implementations, ensures optimal site performance and user experience.


Supercharge your loyalty program

Combine Extole with Listrak’s identity resolution marketing solution, GXP, to drive customer-led growth through referrals, influencers, and more.

Benefits of Partnering with Listrak

  • Collaboration on mutual client success
  • Insights in to new Listrak solutions, channels and product roadmap
  • Training and guidance from our platform experts
  • Assigned Partner Manager for day-to-day tasks as well as larger scale strategy, events, and co-marketing
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