Listrak + Shopify

Seamless integration for accelerated growth.

Elevate your e-commerce marketing with the seamless integration of Listrak and Shopify Plus. Combining the powerful capabilities of Shopify Plus with Listrak's customer engagement platform delivers personalized, 1:1 interactions across email, SMS, push, identity resolution, and automation solutions. The result? Optimized, data-rich marketing that creates significantly increased revenue for retailers and brands.

Robust Integration for a Best-in-Class Experience

As a Shopify Plus Certified App, Listrak ensures that integration is easy and that mutual clients are supported every step of the way. Designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest-growing businesses, this integration enables the frictionless, real-time sharing of actionable data.

The Power of Your Shopify Data Unleashed

Precise Segmentation: Utilize Customer Tags, Product Tags, Order Tags, and Collection Data for highly targeted segments based on specific customer characteristics, behaviors, or purchase patterns.

Optimized Marketing Strategies: Refine marketing strategies based on collection data and trends, adjusting efforts for product launches, seasonal promotions, and inventory management.

Personalized Communication: Craft hyper-personalized email campaigns, targeted offers, product recommendations, and loyalty rewards.

Improved Campaign Performance: Granular segmentation and personalized content improve campaign performance, enhancing overall marketing strategy effectiveness.

Behavioral Triggers: Set up automated workflows triggered by individual customer actions, such as follow-up emails for abandoned carts or loyalty journeys for collection purchasers.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Gain additional data points to make informed decisions based on real customer behaviors, boosting engagement and ROI.

Transformative Listrak + Shopify Integration

Unified Customer Insights: Access a consolidated view of online store activities and email/SMS campaign engagement for a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.

Personalized Marketing: Deliver tailored email and SMS messaging triggered by specific customer actions.

Enhanced Transactional Messages: Use your branding and cross-sell/upsell in transactional messages with AI-driven, personalized product recommendations and targeted offers. 

Behavior-Based Automation: Seamlessly integrate and automate workflows that respond to customer interactions and Shopify events.

Sales Funnel Optimization: Track customer interactions across email, SMS, and Shopify to optimize the sales funnel, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven improvements.

Real-Time Segmentation: Create dynamic customer segments in real time based on email and SMS interactions and unified data for superior targeting.

Cross-Channel Insights: Analyze the impact of email and SMS campaigns on customer behavior and measure the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns.

Multi-Channel Campaign Coordination: Coordinate email and SMS campaigns seamlessly with Shopify store activities, ensuring consistency across channels and enhancing the customer experience.

Precise ROI Measurement: Accurately measure campaign ROI by accessing email and SMS event data in relation to Shopify store sales, empowering you to focus on top-performing strategies.

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Mutual Clients

Achieved a 62X ROI in the first seven-months of partnership

Listrak’s unified, digital marketing platform with a solid Shopify Plus integration was the perfect choiceand met every requirement for us.

Incredible job managing our data transfer

Joining Listrak, the team did an incredible job understanding the requirements and managing our integration data transfer - it was a seamless process. When it came time to flip the switch, it was a non-event because of the detail and advanced prep work.

The support is top-notch

"We've been with Listrak for a few years and were thrilled once they became an official partner with Shopify. The API integration was seamless, and drafting up and sending transactional messages has been super easy.  Their support is also top-notch. I love being able to call or email and always get thorough answers. Listrak genuinely cares about its customers, and it shows. I highly recommend the platform for anyone looking to take their email marketing to the next level!"

Information is collected and seamlessly passed from Shopify

We moved from a manual legacy Listrak integration to the new Listrak app. Install was quick & easy - we logged into our account and validated a few account settings. Even more, information is collected and seamlessly passed from Shopify into Listrak for targeting and audience creation. The data and attribution seem to be more accurate with the app vs. our previous legacy integration. 

A million times easier than anticipated

We migrated to Listrak right before the holidays. I was a bit worried about the short lead-time to move over before holiday sales, and email sends ramped up. However, the Listrak app, which connected directly to our Shopify store, made this part of the migration a million times easier than anticipated! Having moved from other ESP's in the past, the migration of historical customer data, product feeds, etc., cut down the migration and simplified the process immeasurably!