2023 cemented SMS as a top-performing marketing channel for retail, among other industries. Consumer demand to receive text messages from favorite brands has caused retailers to listen and act! Now, volume is higher than ever, and marketers are adopting new techniques and strategies to cut through the channel’s clutter. Let’s look at 5 trends from our Creative Portfolio you should consider for your program this year:

1. Long-Form Messages with More Detail

A big part of the appeal of Text Message Marketing is the nature of the short-form copy. But more and more programs are leveraging longer messages with more detail, whether as traditional SMS or MMS campaigns with imagery. Whether you include multiple Calls To Action and links, list various products, or share more specifics, this is an excellent A/B split testing opportunity to see if your subscribers are keener to click when you send longer messages.

2. Conversational Campaigns

SMS allows for efficient exchanges back and forth with your subscribers, and now’s the time to implement conversational campaigns for maximum engagement. More brands are leveraging Info Campaigns to collect first-party data on shopping preferences and interests, birthdates, and locations and use those insights for further personalization and targeting. This can be especially impactful when triggered as part of an automated Welcome Series as you nurture your new subscribers.

3. Hyper-Targeted Automations

Automated campaigns in both email and SMS programs continue to reign with high returns. But brands have been taking things to the next level with more personalization and targeted strategies than ever before. In 2024, look across your entire customer journey to find new opportunities for automation – Think of your key customer cohorts and analyze your shopping experience to identify stages for additional outreach, like when browsed SKUs are running low in inventory or your best customers purchase again.

4. More Ways to Shop and Checkout

Retail is everywhere now, and your SMS campaigns should allow your subscribers to browse and shop easily in all the ways you offer. Leverage text messages to advertise payment plan opportunities, places to browse, and exclusive offerings for Text Message Marketing subscribers. Listrak’s tracking pixel and UTM parameters will allow you to correctly attribute conversion activity and analyze how your subscribers buy from you.

5. Social Media-like Copy and CTAs

Slang and lingo from each new generation quickly takes over social media as it emerges, and the same can be said with Text Message Marketing too. If you’re not doing so already, collaborate with your social media team to orchestrate campaigns alongside each other and let their copy influence yours. Callbacks to memes, TikTok trends, and more keep your messages fresh and fun!

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Formulating your brand strategy and style across your channels helps build awareness and supports your story. But as more and more retailers and other industries adopt and grow Text Message Marketing programs, you want to ensure yours doesn’t get left off the trend train. Watching your competition and other brands is critical for ensuring your strategy stands out and resonates, including keeping an eye on (and trying out!) messaging trends. Check out our Creative Portfolio for more campaign inspiration, and work with your Account Manager on your send calendar and creatives throughout the year.

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