As the dust settles from a longer-than-ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, our thoughts shift to 2024. What can we expect from the industry, consumers, tech innovation, design, etc.? We've asked our retail experts for their predictions to help you start the new year on the right foot.

Jake Pasini, VP of Strategy Services

Retail Is Everywhere Now

In 2024, consumers will continue to push retail marketers to connect with them everywhere – Across digital channels, in brick-and-mortar stores, through emerging technologies, and a combination of all the above. Hyper-personalizing your campaigns will be mandatory to cut through the clutter and reach both your engagement and conversion targets.

  • Use as much data as possible from your website and owned channels to personalize beyond the surface level.
  • Orchestrate your messaging strategies across email, SMS, web push, app push, and others.
  • Consolidating vendors so your data is unified can help lower your overall cost of ownership and maximize return.
Haleigh Beckman, Principal Mobile Engagement Strategist

Prioritize Acquisition Across Your Channels

To make the most of your marketing campaigns, acquisition and list growth should be a top priority going into 2024.

  • Maximize your in-store engagement for 'real-world' acquisition and efficiently capture more email and SMS subscriptions.
  • Ensure consent CTAs for any web push or app push notifications are functional and reach as many visitors as possible.
  • Proper tagging and differentiated strategies can help you identify your various types of shoppers, too – this will further support personalization efforts by being able to target in-store customers, discount shoppers, loyalists, and more.
Ryan Ogurcak, Account Director

Expand The Role of AI In Your Marketing Plans

AI is an excellent complement to the manpower of your team and will undoubtedly continue to rise with more adoption and functionality in 2024.

  • Predict the right message, channels, audiences, and time to send using AI next year.
  • Save time and resources to spark creativity otherwise, and efficiently manage your cross-channel program.
Melissa Lobach, Sr. Design Lead

Use Designs That Deliver Within Your Campaigns

Tried-and-true design best practices should continue to lead your campaign plans in 2024, alongside new trends.

  • Bold minimalism and bright, unconventional colors demand attention – Large, bold type and non-traditional color schemes enhance clean lines and pull readers into your design.
  • 82% of people now use dark mode on their mobile phones, so consider this when drafting what your campaigns will look like.
  • Be mindful of all your different types of customers and ensure your messages are accessible and adequately reflect diversity.
Kesley Cunningham, Principal Mobile Operations Specialist 

Remain Compliant Along the Way

Contrary to popular belief, certain rules aren't meant to be broken! As technology continually evolves, it's critical to follow all compliance and consumer protection regulation across your marketing channels.

  • In 2024, you can expect more individual state-level legislation on Text Message Marketing and new policies in international markets.
  • Always strive for clear and pronounced CTAs for your email and SMS programs alike – it should be evident to the end user what type of messaging they're consenting to receive.

Get Started

Listrak is committed to our client's ongoing cross-channel marketing success, and 2024 will be no different. While the landscape may look different regarding where customers can shop and what they expect from their favorite brands, owned channels continue to reign supreme in engagement and conversion metrics.

For a thorough review of your program and personalized planning tips for the new year, contact your Account Manager. Or get in touch with Listrak; we'd love to hear where you are headed and how we can help you in 2024.

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