About PureFormulas

PureFormulas is a leader in the online health and supplement space. We specialize in offering our customers GMP certified quality products, including nutritional supplements and organic foods, as well as beauty, sports nutrition, and pet products. We feature a secure and friendly online shopping experience, providing free shipping for more than 40,000 products. Our professional team works with a board of healthcare advisors to keep up-to-date with our customers' needs and current healthcare trends.

Over the last two years, PureFormulas has seen an explosion of growth, and the Listrak partnership has played a significant role in that success. – Michelle Juarez, PureFormulas


PureFormulas came to Listrak just over two years ago, making the transition in order to grow their business, add more personalization, behavioral automation, and get deeper insights into their data. By implementing a full range of Listrak solutions, PureFormulas has seen tremendous results – recognizing 90% incremental lift over their previous provider.

One of their most successful behavioral campaigns, shopping cart abandonment (SCA), has been consistently outperforming industry benchmarks. With a reachable rate that is 25% higher than the industry standard, they are engaging a higher percentage of abandoners and capture significantly more revenue. This growth is due to deploying Listrak’s Abandonment Messaging Suite which allows you to deliver personalized, strategically-timed messages that extend engagement and optimize the opportunity for conversion.


Through the power of Listrak, PureFormulas has been able to deliver on higher-than-average conversion rates with SCA and their broadcast campaigns, and they also beat the benchmarks on revenue per email sent (RPE). Overall, PureFormulas has seen a 90% incremental revenue increase since joining Listrak.


Incremental Increase Over Previous Provider

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