Jomashop, a retailer of luxury goods such as watches, fine writing instruments and handbags, credits their success to their loyal commitment to customers. That commitment is carried through every customer touchpoint and they purposefully structure their digital marketing programs to provide the highest level of customer service. They also constantly reevaluate programs, solutions and campaigns to optimize performance.

Chaim Posen, Marketing Director at Jomashop, worked with his account manager at Listrak to add personalized product recommendations to a number of their email messages.

"We were seeking a solution that would not only help customers discover new products but would give us control over what products were being recommended,”says Posen. “With Listrak, we could quickly tweak the business rules and view what products would be displayed to each customer in advance. We were confident that we were promoting the right products to the right shoppers."

Control over the Recommendations

Jomashop uses Listrak’s Recommender to create highly targeted messages.These Personalized Recurring Automated Campaigns are sent out weekly to active shoppers determined by a custom algorithm Jomashop created.

These messages featured extremely targeted products based on custom ingredients tailored to the shopper. But with Listrak Recommender, Jomashop ensures that the product recommendations haven’t been recently recommended in another email or previously purchased by the customer. They can also ensure that the recommended products fall within certain stock and pricing parameters.Best of all, Jomashop can view what products each recipient will receive before the email is deployed, confirming that each shopper will see the right merchandise.

Recurring Automated Campaigns give a significant boost to Jomashop’s total email revenue. Recommendations bring in an incredible 69.4% of the revenue from these messages.

"Listrak’s Recommender was so easy to use and didn’t take much time to set up across our broadcast, segmented and triggered messages. Most importantly, we could track results so we knew the new product recommendations were leading to an increase in sales." - Chaim Posen

Actionable Insights

Listrak Recommender features a detailed dashboard highlighting the number of impressions, clicks, conversions, AOV and revenue generated from recommendations on-site and in email campaigns. This level of detail allowed Jomashop to split-test the use of using personalized product recommendations in their Welcome Series to see if they led to increase in sales.

Personalized product recommendations led to 26.3% increase in Welcome Series revenue

Based on the success of the welcome message split-test, Jomashop added personal product recommendations to its Browse Abandonment series. The series features the last browsed item of each shopper prominently, along with four additional personalized products in the same category that was viewed online based on Listrak’s Recommender technology.

More than half of the revenue from these campaigns come from the recommended products.

"Listrak’s Recommender has transformed the way we communicate with shoppers. We are able to create messages that are much more personal and relevant and customers are responding positively. The product recommendations attribute towards 6.6%of total email revenue since we added them to our campaigns." - Chaim Posen


Email Revenue Increase

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