Children’s Apparel Brand Connects with its Customers and Drives Unprecedented Mobile Results

A popular children’s apparel brand has seen tremendous success in two years of partnership with Listrak. Together, the teams have worked to prioritize and implement a mobile-first strategy: engaging with their target audience - busy moms on the go - how they prefer to shop and where they convert the most.

Listrak’s Mobile Tap-To-Join Popup was the catalyst for their mobile success. The acquisition popup is presented to mobile visitors as soon as they hit the site with an ask to sign up for SMS messages by a quick “tap” of a button. From there, a pre-populated text appears with the keyword, shortcode, and compliance terms automatically. The user hits “Send” and is added to the brand’s SMS list, including their double opt-in confirmation.

Their SMS strategy is working. The apparel brand tailors the messaging, timing, and delivery of their SMS campaigns for maximum effect. With one-day sends that jump revenue up to 233%, an overall increase in revenue of 78% YOY, and “mind-blowing” surges in acquisition through the Tap-to-Join popup, SMS has changed the game, driving phenomenal results for their business.


One-Day Revenue Increase with SMS

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