Listrak’s GXP Saves Time and Grows Revenue for Crystal Classics

Crystal Classics, the largest independent retailer of fine crystal in the U.S. and a Listrak client since 2013, recently added GXP, Listrak’s identity resolution solution, to their digital marketing strategy. As a family-run business with a lean team, Crystal Classics knew that the managed service that is central to GXP would reduce the burden on their marketing employees, freeing them to focus on other projects while Listrak’s experts maximize the impact of their campaigns and drive ecommerce revenue.

After nearly ten years of partnership on email marketing, Crystal Classics trusted Listrak’s GXP recommendations and saw immediate results. Because they serve a very specific and discerning market, it was critical for Crystal Classics to improve identification and tailor their triggered messages to connect meaningfully with customers. In just the first month, the power of identity resolution spurred an incredible 208% lift in triggered revenue, with triggered revenue as a percentage of total ecommerce revenue rising 206% YoY.

Through GXP, Crystal Classics was also able to test a variety of email capture methods, including an entry modal, persistent button, general exit modal, and abandoned-cart exit modal. Since the launch of GXP, the retailer’s daily opt-ins are up 365% YoY. This acquisition success will drive conversions and revenue for Crystal Classics well into the future.

Due to Listrak’s cutting-edge identity resolution technology and a relationship based on earned trust and mutual respect, GXP has created massive first-month wins for Crystal Classics.

Listrak has proven their value over and over again throughout our ten-year partnership. After the amazing results from the first month, we’re excited to see how GXP continues to help grow our business.
Bruno Bergman, Owner of Crystal Classics


Increase in Daily Subscriber Signups YOY

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