About JEGS

Why do millions depend on JEGS for their high-performance car parts? It's simple - from the iconic mail order catalog to a fully-stocked digital commerce experience; we have built a preferred destination for every gear-head, professional racer, weekend warrior, and restoration nut who wants to take their vehicle to the next level.

Client Challenge

In December of 2019, JEGS turned to Listrak to help reach an aggressive goal of 40% YoY growth. Being a current Listrak client who has experienced exceptional results, JEGS knew Listrak could once again help them attain rapid optimization and increased revenue.

When Listrak shared the details of the GXP program, we knew that it would accelerate our growth. Our three-year partnership continues to be an outstanding investment.
–John Coughlin, President, JEGS


JEGS immediately gained both onsite and email success, recognizing a significant increase in onsite conversation rate as well increasing their triggered email revenue by a staggering 200%.


Triggered Email Revenue Lift

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