Beauty Retailers Use Browse Data to Bring Shoppers Back to Buy

Shopping for skincare and beauty products can be challenging for shoppers. Not only are there an abundance of product choices, but within them a multitude of personal considerations, such as skin type and tone, hair color, eye color and more.Before discovering the perfect product, shoppers tend to do a significant amount of research, which provides retailers with valuable clues that can be used to help shoppers hone in on a purchase.

Listrak clients Sigma Beauty and Skincare by Alana are examples of two such retailers who are successfully using browse data to their advantage and to the advantage of their shoppers.

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty was founded in 2009 and quickly grew into a well-known, international online beauty store, adding its first brick and mortar store in Mall of America and authorized dealers in more than 225 countries worldwide.With the motto “Innovating Beauty” and a mission of providing beauty enthusiasts with the latest in cosmetics, makeup brushes and brush care accessories, SigmaBeauty utilizes science and engineering to consistently present clients with state of the art products.

Skincare by Alana

Alana Mitchell’s goal is to improve the quality, appearance and health of her clients’ skin. A licensed medical esthetician, as well as wife and mother of two small children, Alana created to offer a day spa experience through a website with personal help. Skincare by Alana offers over 300 quality, natural product lines and serves more than a million users worldwide. Alana is committed to helping customers avoid gimmicks and find the perfect products for their individual skincare needs.

Browse and Abandon solution

To capture browsers who review a product page, but abandon before purchasing, Sigma Beauty implemented a Browse and Abandon solution. 90 minutes after a shopper leaves the site, she receives a message with the subject line, “Take another peek!” The email features a large image of the browsed product with a button making it simple to return to the page, as well as three “you might also like” products based on items frequently purchased with the browsed item.

“With Listrak’s Browse and Abandon Campaign, it’s all automated, freeing up our time to focus on other marketing plans we want to put in play. Our goal is to ensure our messages provide relevant content for each customer on a personal level, to give them exactly what they are looking for. The entire process was fast and seamless—and it’s paying off in a big way.”– Tonya Comstock, Sigma Beauty Email Marketing Manager

Recurring Automated Campaign

With a small staff and large inventory to present to shoppers, Skincare by Alana sought a way to suggest personalized products without having to commit substantial time and resources. The solution was a Listrak Recurring Automated Campaign with recommended products that incorporate browse data. The weekly message with the subject line “This Week’s Personalized Picks” features a wide array of products in different categories, including “Handpicked for you,” “Alana’s top picks” and “This Just In,” each personalized and based on a different algorithm.

The message on the whole generates more than 8% of SkincareBy Alana’s total email revenue without requiring any time or resources to send each week, and it is the products selected based on shoppers’ most recently browsed products that clearly generate the most interest.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Nurturing Campaign

In addition, Skincare by Alana leverages browse data in its Shopping Cart Abandonment Nurture campaign. The six-message series includes three traditional shopping cart abandonment messages—each featuring personalized product recommendations based on recently browsed products, in addition to highlighting the item left in the cart. Deployed on the wait days between the more marketing-focused SCA messages are three nurturing messages that appear as typical marketing messages with personalized product recommendations, including the item in the cart and recently browsed products. Shopping cart abandoners do not receive regular marketing emails during this time.

The SCA messages including browse-related recommendations account for 83.16% of the revenue of the campaign. The addition of the nurture messages increases the conversation’s revenue by 20.82%. Overall, the six-message SCAN solution accounts for 9.79% of Skincare by Alana’s total email revenue.

“I am so appreciative to the entire team at Listrak for their help with our email marketing program.They have never under performed. Specifically, I am continually impressed with their ability to help us personalize our emails and beauty picks for our customers. For us, accurate recommendations mean the difference between obtaining a sale vs losing a follower, so we recommend Listrak all day long!”– Jared Mitchell, Skincare by Alana Owner


Conversion Rate increase for Browse & Abandon Series over Marketing Messages

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