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Journelle is an emerging leader in the luxury lingerie business, bringing a fresh approach to the category through fashion-forward merchandise selection, sophisticated store design and exceptional customer care. With retail locations across North America as well as a thriving online presence built on the Demandware platform, Journelle understands the need for a seamless omni-channel customer experience.

Journelle looks for ways to mirror their successful online customer relationships and stay in communication with their in-store customers throughout the customer journey. Email gives them the opportunity to do this, and provides a truly omni-channel experience.

Journelle launched their Post-Purchase campaign through Listrak. The campaign includes both online customers as well as in-store customers. In-store emails are acquired at checkout and added into the marketing list within the Listrak Platform.The campaign sends all customers a thank you email after their purchase

Journelle is more than just pretty lingerie—they are an innovative, data-driven company that leverages their knowledge of customer buying behavior to drive revenue.

First Time Purchasers

All first time buyers are put into a nurturing drip campaign strategically timed to their propensity to buy a particular number of days post purchase to drive a second purchase.

Repeat Purchasers

A Winback campaign series drives incremental revenue, sending multiple messages at carefully researched intervals aligning with their customers’ purchase data.The series is a mix of marketing messages that include product tips and care, and strategically placed incentive offers. The send cadence ranges from 2 days to 180 days.

The results have been staggering, doubling projected earnings since launching their Post-Purchase solution, and contributing to their 120x return on their Listrak investment.


ROI on Listrak Investment

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