posted on
August 8, 2022

Listrak named a Leader and High Performer by G2

We are proud to announce that Listrak has been named a LEADER in multiple categories in G2’s Summer Report thanks to our great clients and their ongoing satisfaction!
posted on
June 30, 2022

5 Strategies for Next Level Retail Marketing Automation in 2022

Marketers love to see consistent growth. And for many years, retail marketing automation provided just that: consistency.
posted on
June 24, 2022

3 Tips to Help You to Avoid the Summer Slump

Summer is a busy season, but it's not always busy for retailers and brands. Follow our 3 Tips to Summer Sales and Data Collection with GXP.
posted on
June 1, 2022

Two-Way SMS Conversations: Listrak’s In-Platform Conversations Console

Learn more about your mobile subscribers for ongoing optimization opportunities.
posted on
May 20, 2022

Two-Way SMS Communication

Increase customer satisfaction and connect with your mobile subscribers.
posted on
April 15, 2022

10 Things to Consider When Selecting a Marketing Platform

Make the right decision - use our tips, advice, and questions to ask to select the best marketing platform for your business success.
posted on
March 29, 2022

Is Disparate Data Limiting Your Performance?

Learn six reasons your digital marketing performance may be suffering and how Listrak can unify your data.
posted on
March 10, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Remember the Last Mile is Also Critical for Digital

Work with your deliverability team to solidify the "last mile" for your email and SMS messages.
posted on
March 9, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Continue To Nurture the Customer After Every Sale

Retention is essential to maximize growth and profits, Learn must-do strategies to retain your customers.
posted on
February 23, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Foster Engagement To Ensure Visitors Become Browsers, and Browsers Become Buyers

Engage buyers with personalization and engagement
posted on
February 22, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Prioritize Acquisition, Identity, and List Growth 

Learn how to collect better zero- and first-party data for better customer interactions.
posted on
February 11, 2022

Top Tips for SMS Audience Segmentation

Learn how to efficiently communicate with your SMS subscriber list without wasting volume and valuable time and effort.
posted on
February 10, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Preparing for a Cookie-less World

A blog series to teach strategies to help you win with digital marketing in 2022. Part 1: The Death of Cookies.
posted on
February 2, 2022

How Personalization Drives Better Conversions with Listrak GXP

Learn how GXP works alongside your email marketing to turboboost your email efforts and personalize the shopper experience.
posted on
January 20, 2022

Using Transactional SMS to Boost Engagement and ROI

Explore how to optimize transactional messages to take your SMS program to the next level.
posted on
January 14, 2022

How SMS Info Campaigns Lead to More (and Better) Customer Engagement

Learn how to use SMS Info campaigns in your mobile program.
posted on
January 12, 2022

Why Now is the Time to Consolidate your Digital Marketing Tools

A single platform can give you the complete picture of channels, engagement, and attribution.
posted on
December 14, 2021

SMS Marketing Best Practices: Send Frequency & Compliance

With the pandemic increasing smartphone usage (US adults averaged over three hours per day in 2020), text messages are surging in popularity.
posted on
December 13, 2021

How Influencer Marketing Unlocks Hidden Revenue in the Beauty Space

Influencer marketing in the beauty space isn’t new, but its popularity has soared recently.
posted on
November 15, 2021

Powering Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns with Confidence: The Importance of Working with a Tier 1 Aggregator

As a marketer, when you orchestrate your cross-channel marketing campaigns, providing the right message at the right time over the right channel to the right person is your ideal goal...
posted on
July 1, 2021

iOS 15 Email Privacy Updates

We’re breaking down Apple’s recent email privacy announcements to help you understand and prepare for changes to engagement metrics: The Open Rate and the Read Rate.
posted on
June 11, 2021

6 Loyalty Types That Improve Customer Engagement

6 Types of Loyalty To Improve Customer Engagement

On average, loyal customers are worth 10x as much as their first purchase. Isn’t this reason enough to focus on customer retention?!
posted on
May 21, 2021

Why SMS is the Perfect Channel for Alert Messages

90% of text messages are opened within just 3 minutes of delivery, making Back in Stock, Price Drop, and Low Inventory messages perfect for sending through SMS.
posted on
May 14, 2021

Using Coupons in SMS Campaigns

Are you inadvertently training your customers to only purchase with a coupon? Learn how to balance your SMS marketing calendar.

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