Journey Hub

Journey Hub is at the core of Listrak’s cross-channel marketing platform allowing retailers to fully leverage their customer data and unify marketing across the entire customer journey.

Integrate Data From Anywhere

In addition to out-of-the-box platform integrations, Listrak’s data model and APIs empower ingestion from virtually any source, putting Journey Hub at the core of your modern growth stack. 

Design Your Customer’s Journey

Optimize engagement for any scenario by designing cross-device, cross-channel programs with drag-and-drop ease using our best practices or your own experience – and then refine those journeys by adding branches and channels based on continuous learnings and insights.

Connect Across All Channels

Listrak's intuitive tools provide retailers with the ability to orchestrate sophisticated multi-stage, highly-personalized journeys and 1:1 real-time interactions across channels including email, SMS, social and push – all from a single marketing platform.

Intelligent Automated Decisions

Add powerful automated decision paths to your journeys based on unified customer data, purchase history, engagement activity, cart/order details, split test, channel affinity and much more. Adapt with each customer and optimize every touchpoint towards the path to purchase.

Precise Timing Control

Add wait durations throughout the journey to control the pace and timing of cross channel messaging for optimal delivery.

Dynamic Coupons

Strategically insert targeted, dynamic one time use coupon codes throughout the customer journey.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze in-depth cross channel engagement, conversion and revenue reporting across campaigns to optimize every journey.

The experience with Listrak has been top-notch. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated and experienced team to help us reach our goals. 2020 will be our best year in history and our best profit year as well.
Sean McGinnis

Sophistication At Scale

Journey Hub was engineered for enterprise level speed, security, and scale. Join over 1,000 leading retailers and brands who trust Listrak to power their most crucial cross channel customer journeys and campaigns throughout the year.

Behavior Trigger Campaigns

Automatically generate timely, highly personalized and relevant messages directly linked to real-time customer behaviors anywhere across the customer journey to strategically influence purchase intent at the right point in time.

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