Text Message Marketing

Build and engage a high-value mobile audience with relevant text messaging to grow revenue and generate 30x+ ROI. Listrak works with Tier 1 Aggregators to confidently and safely help your messages get delivered as expected, when expected.


Drive exponential growth of text and email lists across channels and touchpoints with advanced mobile, social and onsite acquisition tactics.


Seamlessly grow subscribers from desktop or mobile website traffic using high-performing popups and Tap-to-Join.


Cross-promote to gain additional touchpoints from your existing subscribers.


Increase text message opt-ins from paid and organic social presence with strategies like Swipe-to-Join.


Use Text-to-Join keyword campaigns to capture subscribers from in-person interactions and point of sale.

eCommerce Integration

Acquire mobile contacts directly from your eCommerce platform’s checkout process.

Offers & Coupons

Improve subscriber conversion and delight with targeted offers and dynamic coupons.

Welcome Series

Make an impactful first impression with an engaging series of cross-channel welcome messages.


Built-in compliance ensures confidence in delivering an exceptional subscriber experience.


Retain, entertain, inform and inspire your audience through personalized, engaging text messages.

Broadcast and Triggered SMS

Create the perfect mobile experience through personalized, regularly scheduled broadcast messages and timely, relevant transactional SMS that go
beyond order confirmation to include loyalty/reward triggers, time-triggered reminders, status updates, alerts, and more.

Personalization & Segmentation

Utilize your unified customer data to create highly relevant 1:1 text messages. Transform data from intent-based signals, including transactional
history, behavioral activity, demographic insights, and stage in the customer journey, into targeted, relevant SMS audiences.

Journey Hub

Harness the power of a single integrated platform to deliver a seamless, cross-channel, digital marketing experience. Easily add targeted SMS
messages at strategic touchpoints across the entire customer lifecycle through Listrak’s Journey Hub.

Automated Testing

Optimize your messages to drive increased results by conducting automated tests. Listrak’s tools give you the framework to determine the test criteria,
content, audience, variations, timing, metrics, and detailed reporting to monitor success and improve performance.

Data Acquisition Campaigns

Request and update customer information through data acquisition campaigns.

Time Zone Optimization

Deliver timely messages based on your contacts’ geographic location.

Branded Links

Control your brand impression and capture crucial engagement data with branded shortened links.


MMS allows you to step beyond SMS by including rich, vibrant, and visual content in your text messages to share mobile coupons, UPC bar codes,
product photos, and more.


Generate truly incremental results by utilizing key customer and behavioral data to send timely, relevant, personalized SMS + MMS messages.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Automatically re-engage cart abandoners with contextually relevant, triggered messages designed to drive conversions.

Browse Abandonment

Extend your reach across the conversion funnel by re-engaging site visitors that leave before reaching the checkout page.

Low Inventory

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed a product but didn’t purchase when the inventory level reaches a specific threshold.

Back in Stock

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed an out-of-stock item once that item becomes available for purchase.

Transactional Messages

Send programmatic transactional SMS messages by using Listrak’s SMS REST API.

Custom Events

Go beyond templated journeys to trigger a targeted campaign off any customer behavior or micro-actions with custom events.

Price Drop

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed a product but didn’t purchase when the price in the product catalog is reduced.

Business Intelligence

Evolve your text message strategy with advanced reporting and access to Listrak’s Mobile Center of Excellence team.

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