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Listrak offers a single, integrated digital marketing platform providing omnichannel solutions for retailers

Omnichannel Solutions

Drive conversions through relevant automated campaigns


Optimize performance
on smartphones
and tablets

Increase customer engagement, reach
and loyalty


Create relevant messaging in all marketing campaigns


Gain insights about customers' in-store shopping behaviors


Personalize customer experience across
all channels

Listrak's retail-specific solutions help you
create personalized experiences across all
customer touchpoints from a single,
integrated digital marketing platform.

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Webinar: Are Your Online Recommendations a Wreck?

86% of the top 1000 retailers use product recommendations on-site as they lead to additional sales and higher AOV. But, sadly, many times they aren't customized to the shopper's point in the purchase journey. Register now to find out how to best leverage on site product recommendations.

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Email Deliverability:
The Inbox is Not the Same for Everyone

ISPs are no longer taking an "all or nothing" approach to inbox placement. Specific user behavior plays a large role in determining if an email lands in a recipient's inbox. Chief Privacy Officer, James Koons, recently sat down with Google and other major ISPs. See their tips for reaching the inbox.

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Are Your Shopping Cart Recovery Campaigns Ready for 2015?

Customers shop differently online than they do in stores. Online shoppers add items to their carts that they might be interested in purchasing. Sometimes the sale is completed right away but 74% of all online sales are abandoned.

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