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2024 Listrak Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

Learn which messaging campaigns really move the needle for retailers and brands. Use this report to shape your 2024 strategy.

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Listrak

According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Listrak, a partnership with Listrak drives revenue and reduces spend for Retailers and Brands.

Spring Holiday Lookbook

Get cross-channel strategies and messaging inspiration to help you engage your customers March–early June.

2023 Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

Look back at 2022 and uncover today's biggest opportunities for engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth in Email and Text Message Marketing.

2022 Holiday Playbook

A planning guide with must-do strategies, timely to-do lists, and loads of inspiration from Listrak’s retail experts.

2022 Benchmarks Report: Text Message Marketing

As more retailers and brands embrace text message marketing, we want to help you understand how your messages and campaigns perform – find out in our inaugural benchmark report.

2022 Email Trends and Observations Report

Learn what you need for long-term success. Our annual email benchmark report provides results across email campaigns and industries, plus strategic recommendations.

Is Your Marketing Ready to Meet the Demands of Holiday 2021 and Beyond?

Supercharge your digital marketing with strategies and related last-minute insights and optimizations you can use for Holiday sales growth – and into 2022.

10 Key Things to Consider: A Marketing Platform Selection Supplement

Avoid your “upgrade” vendor turning out to be a lateral move (or even worse, a downgrade). Get tips, advice, and questions to ask on your quest to upgrade your marketing technology.

2021 Ecommerce Email Benchmarks

Based on 70 billion messages sent by 1,000+ retailers and brands in 2020, Listrak’s 2021 benchmark report presents results across 11 types of email campaigns critical to retailers.

Retail Revenue Gap Index

A proven approach to identifying missed opportunities to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty with customers

2020 Holiday Marketing Guide

In a year that has been unlike any other, this holiday season will be even more critical than usual for retailers.

Predictive Analytics in Retail Marketing - 2022 Guide

Listrak’s Predictive Analytics Playbook gives you twenty ways you can easily put predictive analytics into practice.

2019 Listrak Retail Marketing Benchmarks

Benchmarking is critical for companies to evaluate their results and successes. It’s a measure of how fast a company is growing.

Unlock Customer Obsession By Tying Features To Business Outcomes

Hold Your MarTech Solutions Accountable In Order To Focus On Business Outcomes, Not Just Features

Cross-Channel Orchestration & Improving Customer Experience

Forrester defines cross-channel orchestration as customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools.

Predictive Personalization Strategies

Predictive Personalization is the ability to predict customer behavior, needs, or wants and then precisely tailor offers, products, and messages to each recipient across channels and touchpoints.

Listrak CRM

Unlock the power of your rich customer, behavioral and transactional data unified as a single source of truth.

Email Conversion Rate Benchmarks

Email Benchmarks

Getting Started With SMS

Ideas for Growing Your Mobile List and Engaging Your Customers

Listrak Exchange: Social Acquisition, Engagement and Conversions

How 360˚ Customer Data Increases Ad Relevancy, Decreases Ad Spend

Listrak Exchange Delivers Cross-Channel Engagement


Predictive Content: The Key to Automating Engagement

The Key to Automating Engagement

2017 Holiday Look Book: Key Trends for Acquisition and Engagement

Key Trends for Acquisition and Engagement

Is the 360-Degree View of the Customer a Myth?

How far are most businesses from being able to update their customers’ profiles with immediate actionable insights?

Mobile Marketing Guide: Effective SMS Campaigns that Engage and Convert


2017 Digital Marketing Campaigns Benchmark Report

Unlock the power of your customer data

Listrak Exchange Lead Ads Playbook


2017 Research Report and Look Book: Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics

Using Customer Browse Data to Inform Cross-Channel Messages

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