Email Automation

Retailers trust Listrak’s robust, highly scalable, highly-available enterprise-class send engine to send billions of targeted emails every month generating over 50X ROI. Sophisticated email marketing tools like predictive analytics, advanced retail segmentation, dynamic content and predictive product recommendations allow marketers to translate customer data directly to personalized messages resulting in increased engagement and revenue.

Responsive Email Designer

Quickly and easily create responsive email campaigns that deliver consistent impact regardless of device with Listrak Composer, our intuitive, drag-and-drop email editor. Marketers can effortlessly insert dynamically personalized AI driven predictive content and predictive products, driven by the 360° custom profile, to speak to the individual. Choose from any of our fully-responsive layouts within our template library or quickly customize and build your own email from scratch without having to write a single line of HTML.

Abandonment Messaging Suite

Listrak’s Abandonment Messaging Suite allows you to deliver strategically-timed personalized messages that re-engage active shoppers and nurture them forward to capture otherwise lost revenue. Browse Abandon and Shopping Cart Abandon messages combine behavioral signals and predictive algorithms to deliver impactful messages that extend engagement and optimize the opportunity for conversion.

“The growth of our online business has been off the charts, thanks to Listrak. Their solutions have taken us to the next level very quickly.”
Katherine Redd
E-Commerce Director, Hampden
“Listrak has helped us to efficiently and effectively increase our subscriber list through email and onsite methods. GXP has been incredible in turning up our acquisition efforts.”
Beth Coffey
VP, Sales and Marketing, Woodcraft

Intelligent Trigger Campaigns

Automatically generate timely, highly personalized and relevant messages directly linked to real-time customer behaviors anywhere across the customer
journey to strategically influence purchase intent at the right point in time.

Learn More About Behavioral Based Triggers

Actionable Predictive Segmentation

Maximize the value of persistent, unified 360° customer data by unlocking powerful automated predictive segmentation and data-driven profiles. Transform data from intent-based signals including transactional history, behavioral activity and stage in the customer journey into actionable insights and audiences through the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and human intelligence.

AI-Driven Campaigns

Deliver dynamic, highly-personalized self-learning and self-optimizing messages automatically to generate sales while maximizing the productivity of your limited staff. Set your customized template and cadence one time and let Listrak’s artificial intelligence-driven predictive content and personalized product recommendations generate some of your highest performing campaigns.

Automated Testing

Listrak’s automated testing tools give you the framework to determine the test criteria, content, audience, variations, timing, metrics and detailed over-time reporting to monitor success. Once the testing engine has determined a winning version, Listrak will automatically deliver the best performing message to the rest of your audience without any manual intervention.

Customer Lifecycle Analysis

Each customer journey is unique to the individual. In order to create and maintain a relationship that speaks to the personal stage at which they are in, lifecycle awareness and analytics are necessary to engage with the most meaningful timely message turning one time buyers into repeat customers. Recency and frequency triggers allow you to apply targeted loyalty, re-engagement and winback campaigns optimized with the most relevant and compelling content.

Predictive Analytics

Increase results across every marketing campaign by harnessing historical customer data to predict future behavior. Predictive Analytics uses artificial
intelligence, machine learning and statistical modeling to assess the likelihood of what will happen in the future. Access to this critical information will allow you to make data driven decisions and speak to more customers based on their needs and specific customer journey.

Learn More About Predictive Analytics

Predictive Send-Time Optimization

The timing of your campaign delivery could mean the difference between a successful conversion or a message that is buried and ignored. Listrak’s Predictive Delivery utilizes AI controlled Send-Time Optimization to adjust the distribution of your campaigns based on a customer's individual engagement signals, driving increased activity and conversions.

Product Recommendations & AI Personalization

Easily insert real-time predictive product and content recommendations into email marketing campaigns. Using advanced machine learning algorithms and providing the ability to layer deeply customizable merchandising decisioning, Listrak is able to understand and predict the most relevant, data-driven personalized products and content to influence the unique customer journey towards the path to purchase.

Learn More About Product Recommendations & AI Personalization

Journey Hub

Go beyond email automation to orchestrate the entire customer journey across channels including SMS, social audiences and push messaging. Journey Hub is at the core of Listrak’s integrated platform allowing retailers to fully leverage their customer data and unify marketing across the entire customer journey.

Learn More About Journey Hub

Additional Listrak Email Marketing Features Include

  • Enterprise Scale Send Engine
  • Scheduled & Recurring Email
  • Frequency Caps
  • Predictive Analytics Filtering
  • Multidimensional Segmentation
  • Retail Data Segmentation
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Automated Smart Audiences
  • Automated Geo-Filters
  • Automated CRM Audiences
  • Customizable/Saved Audiences
  • Automated Split Testing
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Time Zone Send Optimization
  • Pre-made & Customized Email Templates
  • Image & Asset Media Library
  • Saved Content Library
  • Drag & Drop Email Designer
  • Customer Journey Workflow
  • Mobile Responsive Email
  • Optional Custom HTML
  • Drag & Drop Content Recommendations
  • Drag & Drop Dynamic Content
  • Custom Email Fonts
  • Automated Store Locator
  • Customizable Social Links/Icons
  • Personalization Mail Merge Fields
  • Automated Personalized Fields
  • Customizable HTML Content Blocks
  • External Content
  • Automated Browser & Unsub Links
  • Unsub/Suppression Management
  • Automated Pass-Along
  • Test / Review Seed Lists
  • Cross Device Preview
  • Bounce Hygiene
  • Popup Pro Email Acquisition
  • SMS Email Subscription
  • Listrak Exchange Social Acquisition
  • Listrak CRM Integration
  • Conversion / AOV / Revenue Tracking
  • List Activity & Health Dashboards
  • Message Activity Tracking
  • Detailed Delivery Reporting
  • Campaign Reporting Management
  • Detailed Contact Level Reporting
  • 360° Customer Contact Card
  • Domain Deliverability Reporting
  • Message Dashboards
  • Visual Click Tracking Reports
  • Email Client Reporting
  • Dynamic Content Reports
  • Retail Data Summary Reports
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Automated MultiPass Emails
  • Abuse / Bounce Handling

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