Customer Insights

Unlock your unified customer data through powerful exploration and visualization tools. Observe the complete Customer Journey. Access seamless integration within the Listrak platform to make insights actionable through segmentation, automation and orchestration.

Data Exploration

Go beyond canned reports and dig deep to understand customer segments like never before.

Seamless Activation

Go from insight to action with a single click that empowers marketers to target, filter and trigger campaigns based on real-time customer behaviors.

Find more customers

Push insights to paid search/social for cost-effective acquisition.

Get mobile

Send targeted messages to the devices in their hands with SMS and push.

Automated campaigns

Audience triggers mean no more manual imports.

Instant Insights

Over 70 out-of-the-box data visualizations uncover your best customers and what makes them so valuable.

Retail focused

The metrics and KPIs needed to help beat last year’s numbers.

Exceptional value

Save money on consultants with insights you can use right away.

Pre-built dashboards

Understand customer retention, acquisition and channel trends.

  • New vs. Returning Customers Trend
  • Revenue Retention Cohort Analysis
  • Time Between 1st and 2nd Order
  • 12-Month Active Buyer Trend
  • Loyal Customers – Top Categories
  • Lapsing Customer Analysis
  • One-time vs. Repeat Trends
  • Full-price vs. Discount Shopper Analysis
  • And many more…

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