AI Recommendations

To deliver a truly personalized curated one-to-one experience across channels and devices, Listrak’s Predictive Product Recommendations ingests and responds to millions of individual consumer signals.

Predictive Product Recommendations

Using advanced machine learning and providing the ability to layer deeply customizable merchandising decisioning, Listrak can understand and predict the most relevant, data-driven product recommendations to influence the unique customer journey towards the path to purchase driving 30% or more revenue.

Open-time optimized

Never recommend an out-of-stock item

Full creative control

Use a template or custom build from our easy-to-use interface


Always understand why an item is being recommended

Ease of integration

Use across multiple campaigns and channels including your website

Easily create layered custom algorithms

Based on predictive modeling, including purchased this / purchased that, viewed this / purchased that, frequently bought together, best-sellers, currently trending, new arrivals / markdowns, and many more

Intelligent recommendations

Show products that haven’t been purchased or previously suggested

Predictive Content

Content that speaks in a relevant and personal way adds differentiation and value to your brand experience beyond product offering. Predictive Content allows marketers to utilize content marketing investments to foster increased customer engagement. By applying natural language processing AI and machine learning
algorithms to your website content, Predictive Content automatically interprets and understands the context of your content. Using purchase history and behavioral data to understand personal interest, Predictive Content matches personalized one-to-one content to customers that truly care and want to read it.

Automate Discovery of New Content

Our crawler discovers new content from blogs, guides, articles, tutorials, recipes or any other content on your site as it becomes available. Inserting Predictive Content into a message is as easy as dragging, dropping and styling to fit your brand with minimal time and resources needed from your team.

See Predictive Content in Action

AI-Driven Campaigns

Deliver dynamic, highly-personalized self-learning and self-optimizing messages automatically to generate sales while maximizing the productivity of your limited staff. Set your customized template and cadence one time and let Listrak’s artificial intelligence-driven predictive content and personalized product recommendations generate some of your highest performing campaigns.

Predictive Send Time Optimization

Listrak’s Predictive Delivery utilizes AI controlled Send-Time Optimization to adjust the distribution of your campaigns based on a customer's individual engagement signals, driving increased activity and conversions.

Personalized Dynamic Content

Maximize the value of persistent, unified 360° customer data by unlocking powerful automated predictive segmentation and data-driven profiles to personalize and individualize offers and messaging.

AI Driven Replenishment

Replenishment Campaigns are also driven by Predictive Delivery algorithms in order to determine the re-purchase cadence of individual products across your customer base. The delivery of targeted messaging specific to re-purchasing replenishable products will automatically adapt to the individual’s pattern of re-purchase maximizing recurring customer revenue.

Actionable Predictive Segmentation

Maximize the value of persistent, unified 360° customer data by unlocking powerful automated predictive segmentation and data-driven profiles. Transform data from intent-based signals including transactional history, behavioral activity and stage in the customer journey into actionable insights and audiences through the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and actual human intelligence.

Utilize real-time, orchestrated audience segmentation to optimize spend, drive increased customer engagement and influence the path to purchase across channels and devices maximizing the lifetime value of your customers.

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