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INNOVATION. IT’S WHAT DRIVES US. Other companies build things.  At WORX, we create. After all, it’s all about The Idea.  To do what’s never been done.  Or taking what’s always been done and reimagining it being done better.  Faster. Easier.  More efficiently. At WORX, we don’t seek out innovation; we let it drive us.  Let’s see where it takes us.

The Listrak team has helped us quickly identify dormant revenue opportunities and efficiently test new acquisition methods.
-Karen Yates, Email Marketing Analyst, WORX

Client Challenge

As part of a rapidly changing retail environment, WORX was looking to level-up their programs with Listrak and take advantage of every opportunity to maximize revenue lift and identify anonymous users to their site.


By using GXP (Growth Xcelerator Platform), they were  able to make an immediate impact to drive stronger engagement and produce dramatically higher levels of revenue leveraging Listrak’s GXP identity graph.

WORX has increased daily opt-ins by 95%, and trigger revenue as a percentage of all eCommerce revenue has increased 84% post GXP launch.

About GXP℠

Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP) is a full-service program that integrates identity resolution capabilities within Listrak’s suite of cross-channel marketing tools to deeply personalize customer communications. Leveraging self-identification, as well as through a robust proprietary identity graph, GXP reaches once-anonymous users with hyper-personalized, intent-based marketing messages across email and SMS.

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