The Revenue Gap Index

A Digital Marketing Audit of Your Program 

Listrak’s team of trained retail strategy analysts would like to audit your current program and help you uncover more revenue, engagement, and loyalty with your customers.

For the past several years, and continuing in today's current economic climate, we know retailers are facing tough times. Marketing teams carry big revenue goals yet are often stretched thin in resources and time. Many teams use point solution vendors that do not seamlessly integrate and cause data silos. These dynamics stack up, resulting in program gaps and lost revenue.

Five Core Revenue Drivers 

Listrak’s marketing program analysis measures and scores your current program based on the five “cores” Listrak considers the essential foundation of any successful cross-channel engagement program. In fact, Listrak’s Client Services team works daily with our 1,000+ retailers and brands to ensure their programs consistently hit the marks in these areas.


Identification and Acquisition is the lifeblood of every program. Learn how to quickly and easily capture zero- and first-party data for identification, personalization, and segmentation in your marketing efforts.


Broadcast Campaigns are the core of most programs. Yet today, the goal should be to streamline the daily task while optimizing these for maximum revenue.


Behavioral Triggers are timely, relevant, and highly desired by your customers. Capitalize on their power, and ensure they are best-in-class for immediate engagement and revenue.


Active Personalization when done right, can drive incredible revenue gains. Learn how “active” is the key to its success.


Integrated Cross-Channel is seamless communication that customers expect. Are you sending the right message, at the right time, across the right combination of channels and devices?

Our Proven Methodology

The audit has a proven framework that benchmarks your customer experience using a variety of personas. The personas use discrete retail success measurement points to validate your program elements. The results presented to your team pinpoint precisely what your program is missing and the steps you can take to fill the gaps and drive revenue with Listrak.


customer personas 


Discrete Retail Success Measurement Points


core retail digital marketing strategies

The Results Validate Our Work

Each year, more than 150 retailers join the Listrak family. Many choose to audit their program with this analysis. Once moved onto Listrak’s customer engagement platform, with its robust feature set and dedicated guidance and support from our experts, they quickly see significant gains in their programs. Here are a few examples:

Optimizes Spend and Accelerates Revenue with Listrak

TOMS consolidated their email and text message marketing channels with Listrak. Plus added a new revenue channel: Listrak’s Identity Resolution Marketing, GXP.

“Listrak has become a true extension of our team, staying connected to our business and helping drive performance with their expertise. We’re excited by the results so far and looking forward to continued partnership”


Total Ecommerce Revenue driven by Listrak


Return on Ad Spend

Designer Jeans and Clothing Brand

Unified Marketing Channels turbocharge Results

This partnership was founded on the belief that a singular customer engagement platform will provide better customer experience and long-term results. 

With email, behavioral triggers, recommendations, analytics, and identity resolution all in sync in one integrated platform

The brand’s move to Listrak resulted in efficiencies and better engagement. 


Ecommerce Revenue attributed to Listrak email in first 12-months


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 

Consolidated from multiple vendors to Listrak to reduce program gaps

Using Listrak as their inclusive platform saved time and resources, and gave the team more convenient access to their data. 

This was the fundamental shift for Jonathan Adler, allowing them to strengthen segmentation efforts, behavioral triggers, and activate personalization capabilities.

Listrak’s solid Shopify Plus integration was the perfect choice for Jonathan Adler 


ROI since Launch

Similar companies have scored an average of 48 out of 100. Where do you stack up?

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