Shopper Journey Automation

Listrak Conductor’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to plan email or mobile conversations, ensuring messages are delivered at the right stage of the shopper journey. With Listrak Conductor you can easily manage behaviorally triggered messages. Listrak Conductor enables you to effortlessly build the conversations, optimizing the number of messages and timing of each conversation.

Shopper Journey Automation Tool

Personalize the Entire Journey

True 1:1 personalization relies on timing, delivery and contextual relevance. Listrak Conductor lets you send behaviorally triggered email or mobile messages at the right point of the shopper journey. But it takes personalization to a whole new level – the individual customer – by leveraging the power of Recommender.

Personalize the Shopper Journey

Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Heat maps and visual analytics provide a snapshot of performance by message or for the overall conversation. Go beyond opens and clicks to see the conversion rates and amount of revenue generated. Dig deeper to access average order values of email messages or follow your customers as they are nurtured through the conversation and sales cycle. You can also perform split-tests to optimize performance as well as evaluate results over specific periods of time.

Real-Time Analytics