Cross Channel Orchestration

Drive significant incremental revenue and a seamless customer experience. Listrak's intuitive tools provide retailers with the ability to orchestrate sophisticated multi-stage, highly-personalized journeys and 1:1 real-time interactions across channels including email, SMS and social.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Configure data-driven, intelligent journeys that engage customers in exactly the right way based on their real-time behaviors – all from a single marketing platform.

Optimize engagement for any scenario by designing cross-device, cross-channel programs using our best practices or your own experience – and then refine those journeys by adding branches and channels based on continuous learnings and insights.

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Responsive Email Designer

Quickly and easily create responsive email campaigns that deliver consistent impact regardless of device.

Listrak Composer is our intuitive, drag-and-drop responsive email editor. Marketers can effortlessly insert dynamically personalized AI driven predictive content and predictive products, driven by the 360° custom profile, to speak to the individual. Choose from any of our fully-responsive layouts within our template library or quickly customize and build your own email from scratch without having to write a single line of HTML.

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Intelligent Trigger Campaigns

Automatically generate timely and relevant messages directly linked to real-time customer behaviors anywhere across the customer journey to strategically influence purchase intent at the right point in time.

Smart trigger messages respond to customer signals and deliver highly personalized interactions across email and mobile channels. Examples of intelligent trigger campaigns include:

  • Welcome Series
  • Winback / Lapsing Customer
  • Back-in-Stock Alerts
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Re-engagement
  • Post Purchase
Learn more about Behavioral Based Triggers

Broadcast and Triggered SMS

Create the right mobile experience through personalized, regularly scheduled broadcast messages and timely, relevant transactional SMS that go beyond order confirmation to include loyalty/reward triggers, time-triggered reminders, claim processing alerts, account-based alerts and more.

  • Compose, preview and schedule SMS campaigns right in Listrak’s application – no need to login or manage 3rd party software
  • Filter by keyword, purchase behavior, or profile field, such as postal code or birthday
  • Time zone optimization based on area code
  • Dedicated short codes
  • Dynamic coupon pools
  • Real-Time engagement and revenue reporting and analytics

MMS - Multimedia Message Send

MMS allows you to send photos, gifs or longer text (1,000 characters plus an image) to add a fun and engaging layer to your mobile marketing campaigns.

Step beyond SMS by including rich, vibrant and visual content in your text messages
MMS messages can be 1000 characters, as opposed to 160 characters for SMS
Reach nearly 100% of your addressable mobile customers as every phone that is SMS-enabled is also MMS-enabled
Share mobile coupons, UPC bar codes, product photos, etc.

Text-To-Join Acquisition and SMS Keyword Campaigns

Acquire numbers and email addresses across multiple channels and touchpoints with strategic text-to-join campaigns.

  • In-store signage strategies create opportunities for customers to start the conversation; no need to update POS, train employees or add new hardware or software
  • On-site tactics that engage visitors at the right points on your site as they’re browsing to encourage opt-ins
  • Email best practices to promote your SMS program in your most profitable channel
  • SMS campaigns to acquire email addresses to simultaneously and organically grow both lists

Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition

Spend your ad dollars more efficiently by linking your customer database directly to social ad platforms to efficiently target site visitors who don’t subscribe, while excluding those already on your marketing list. Lead Ad Automation syncs to Facebook and Instagram subscribers to Listrak in real-time and provides detailed subscriber reporting.

Extend the return on those new subscribers by automatically including them in your Welcome Series and nurturing campaigns to maximize engagement and sales.

Smart Social Campaign Audiences

Unleash the power of your 360° customer segmentation data within Listrak to drive paid search and social audience strategies. Target lookalike audiences to increase brand awareness and drive acquisitions and conversions. Optimize your spend based on the potential value of each prospect.

Streamline campaign creation time by connecting your real-time customer data directly to ad platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

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Popup Pro

Acquire the right subscribers and nurture site visitors on the path to purchase with Listrak’s Popup Pro solution. Create multiple active campaigns that target site visitors based on behavior and intent. Start with a popup template and customize to reflect your brand and business goals. You can control triggers, page logic, placement and cadence so the popup appears when and where you want it.

  • Google, mobile and GDPR compliant
  • Advanced targeting based on behavior
  • Intent-based triggers, including entry, exit, scroll or page session
Learn more about Popup Pro

Predictive Product and Content Recommendations

Our machine learning algorithms take into consideration millions of individual consumer signals to understand the best product for each site visitor. With dynamic real-time product recommendations, you can automate and optimize your merchandising decisions and feel confident that you are showcasing the right products to deliver the best user experience that is most likely to convert.

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We needed a best-in class, enterprise marketing platform that could scale. Listrak is truly an extension of our team, consistently helping us find and capture incremental revenue.
Zack Abbell,
VP of Digital and eCommerce

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