Turbocharge Growth with Listrak’s GXP Innovations Unleashed

Join us for an exciting dive into the latest innovations from the Listrak Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP). Discover how GXP is revolutionizing customer engagement and revenue growth with cutting-edge strategies and tactics. From a 5-7X increase in triggered revenue to over 100% subscriber growth, see how our innovative pop-ups, personalized website journeys, and AI-driven shopping assistants are making a significant impact. Tune in to learn about the groundbreaking work happening “in the labs” and how these advancements can turbocharge your business.

GXP Innovations “In the Labs”

AI Shopping Concierge

Listrak's AI Shopping Concierge is an automated personal shopper that delivers tailored, individualized product recommendations to your customers. By leveraging real-time browsing activity, it targets key moments during the shopping experience, presenting AI-powered product suggestions. This service enhances customer delight by showcasing the most relevant products, leading to increased path-to-purchase and website conversions.

Popup Innovations

The GXP team consistently innovates with interactive popups that enhance engagement and boost acquisition, achieving 50-60% higher submission rates. From spinners to interactive experiences like a "duck hunt" game that reveals incentives, or "light the candle" by "clicking the wick," the team continually designs and tests highly effective popup experiences. Once proven effective, these experiences can be branded and replicated for quick deployment.

Embedded Site Acquisition

As customers navigate deeper into your website with a higher intent to purchase, the GXP team is experimenting with subtle methods to integrate acquisition offers directly into site content. This includes techniques like overlaying static lifestyle images on product collection pages with subscription offers for users who are not yet subscribed.

Personalized Website Journeys

Currently in beta, Website Journeys enables the personalization of onsite content and popup tactics to drive email, SMS, and push acquisition for targeted audiences. Tailored experiences based on loyalty, channel subscription, purchase history, or other profile information provide a deeper level of website personalization.

Segment Entry Triggers

Cross-channel website journeys can be initiated as customers enter dynamic segments. From ultra-targeted re-engagement campaigns to lifecycle stage triggers, the GXP team experiments with innovative ways to leverage this powerful feature, delivering the right message and incentive, through the right channels, at the right time.

Dynamic Banners

GXP Dynamic Behavioral Banners feature relevant, high-converting calls to action embedded in broadcast email campaigns. These banners include personalized Abandonment, Back-in-Stock, Low Inventory, and Price Drop alert notifications, offering highly engaging and actionable elements within broad-reach messaging to increase broadcast email conversions.

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