Reactivating in Time for the Holidays

How Rainbow Shops Is Driving Engagement from Inactive Subscribers

Rainbow Shops, an international fast-fashion apparel chain with over 1,000 locations ,had trouble capturing their disengaged and hard-to-reach customers. By understanding the activity of subscribers on their list and targeting this inactive segment with relevant messaging and catchy subject lines, Rainbow is awakening lapsing subscribers and winning new sales.

Re-engaging a lapsed customer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Listrak, we easily put an ongoing conversation in place to reignite those customer’s interests and drive high return on a low-cost investment.~ David Cost, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Executive, Rainbow

The Reactivation Strategy

A large part of Rainbow’s email strategy includes only sending marketing campaigns to active subscribers.In order to expand its reach and re-engage lapsing subscribers, Rainbow built an automated campaign through Listrak that sends a series of messages to their inactive subscribers. The series works just like any other automated campaign; however, instead of being triggered by an action, it’s triggered by inaction. Once subscribers open, click or convert on these messages, they are added back to the active list and are sent the regular marketing messages, providing future opportunities to drive new revenue. The campaign is not incentive based and runs as a continuous cycle throughout the year so should the customer become dis-engaged again, they can re-enter the campaign when the time is right - keeping the brand top of mind.

Driving Results

Through using engaging subject lines which speak to their core audience, following a strategy which allows subscribers to easily opt-out and by sending multiple messages as part of an ongoing conversation, Rainbow has seen remarkable success. In less than a month, Rainbow Shops was able to reactivate 1.5% of their list. These reactivated subscribers generated 2.5% in additional campaign revenue now that they started to receive Rainbow’s regular marketing messages again.

This strategy drives engagement and sales and is a great tactic to use leading up to the holidays. However, it must be implemented carefully as deliverability issues could arise. Listrak’s experts can help you implement this strategy in time for the holidays while ensuring your reputation and inbox placement remain strong.


of Subscribers Reactivated in First Month

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