2017 Digital Marketing Campaigns Benchmark Report

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LISTRAK CRM: A single source of truth

  • Unlock the power of your rich customer, behavioral and transactional data unified as a single source of truth.
  • Powerful data exploration and visualization tools provide answers to your most important questions.
  • A window into your entire customer’s story, not just email subscribers.
  • Direct integration inside the Listrak platform to go beyond reporting to make insights actionable.
  • Complete view of all your customers across devices, channels and identities.

Pre-Built Dashboards

Access out-of-the-box data visualization

Out-of-the-box suite of Customer Analytics visualizations via a suite of prebuilt dashboards, empowers you to understand and activate your customers.

Customer Analytics

Truly understand your customers and gain insights into spending patterns, re-purchase cadence, and revenue analysis.

Customer Retention

Understand patterns and purchase activity within similar groups of customers, such as how many buyers become repeat customers, and much more.

Sales Performance

Access an ExecutiveSummary of sales performance providing a high-level view of your business and revenue performance over time.

Harness the power of your rich customer data together with additional transactional and behavioral data sources.

Customer Data Exploration

Understand your customers’ unique behavioral patterns

Go beyond pre-built reports and dashboards to explore and design custom visualizations using the drag-and-drop report builder with access to your complete unified 360° profile data.

Our ad hoc analysis combines artificial intelligence with actual intelligence, helping you uncover business-critical, intricately detailed reports. This information can then be used to redefine segmenting and messaging strategies to greatly improve results.

Seek the answers to your most important business questions. Generate rapid reports that meet individual information requirements with ease. This flexibility frees up valuable resources and gets you the information you need when you need it - you are immediately empowered to interact with the data.

Dynamically modify and drill-through report data for powerful information analysis..

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Download the Listrak 2022 Retail Email Benchmark Report
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“We’ve been searching for a way to have all of our data accessible in one interface. We’re eager to implement all of the insights we see coming out of the Listrak CRM Module.”

Doug Murphy - Director of Community Experience at The Grommet

Actionable Insights

Deliver intelligent communications

Turn insights into action. Build data-driven audience segments with the click of a button, and then deliver intelligent messages that speak to each customer on an individual level.

89% of retailers compete on customer experience, not just price. The insights gained from Listrak CRM will help you achieve this goal by orchestrating personalized cross-channel communications that reach the customers with the highest propensity to convert, driving loyalty, engagement and revenue.

With Listrak CRM, you can easily create automated highly-targeted, dynamic customer journeys and multi-channel customer communications that are emotionally intelligent. You’ll improve every customer metric and achieve data-driven success.

Implement effective relationship marketing tactics.


Unified customer data with powerful data visualizations, exploration tools& actionable insights