Predictive Content

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Engage customers with content specific to their interests. With Listrak’s Predictive Content solution, you can stop relying on promotions and price and start engaging customers in automated, contextually relevant conversations. Learn more about Listrak's Predictive Marketing Software >

  • Boost revenue and performance metrics – predictive content leads to 3x higher results
  • Engage customers in more relevant conversations
  • Move customers through the sales journey more rapidly
  • Maximize your content investment

Content that speaks to your audience in a relevant and personal way adds differentiation and value to your brand experience beyond product offering.

By applying natural language processing, AI, and machine learning algorithms to your website content, Predictive Content automatically interprets and understands the context of your content. Using purchase history and behavioral data to understand personal interest, Predictive Content matches personalized, one-to-one content to customers that truly care and want to read it.

By employing Listrak’s personalized solutions, we have not only been able to save time, but also have experienced increased traffic, engagement, and revenue. What’s more, it is helping us achieve what many brands are seeing – more personal relationships with our customers.

Brittany Boykow, Digital Marketing Manager, Yon-Ka Paris

Predictive Content

Go beyond the publish button to maximize your content investment

Data-driven insights automatically populate messages with the right content based on each customer’s behavioral data, saving you time and resources.

  • Automatically recommend blogs, articles, videos, tutorials and other curated content
  • Easily insert personalized content blocks using our drag-and-drop editor
  • Lightweight integration -- just copy/paste a simple script onto your page templates to get started and our crawler does the rest! It detects new content and saves images, titles and short descriptions automatically.
  • Rapid natural language keyword extraction
  • Full control of content through meta tags, if you prefer