A proven approach to identifying missed opportunities to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty with customers.

Validation: This Actually Works…

The ultimate test of any model or framework lies in its ability to consistently produce meaningful results.

Each year, more than 150 retailers join the Listrak family. The consistent growth seen in these client programs continues to validate the RGI framework and approach. A few examples:

TULA Skincare: 104% revenue growth in 12-months

Tula realized their program gaps and launched new cross-channel programs and identification acquisition strategies.

  • Adding an SMS strategy to their marketing mix, Tula immediately grew their SMS list with Listrak’s Tap-to-Join acquisition strategy, capturing 8% of their mobile visitors.
  • Optimizing their broadcast messages with personalization advancements, Tula improved conversion rates by 6%.
“We needed a best-in-class, enterprise marketing platform that could scale. We found that and more in Listrak. They are indeed an extension of our team, consistently helping us find and capture incremental revenue.”
– Zack Abbell, VP of Digital and eCommerce, TULA

Jonathan Adler: 109% revenue growth in 12-months

Jonathan Adler worked with several technology companies to manage their digital marketing programs. They quickly realized the need to consolidate to reduce program gaps.

  • Using Listrak as their inclusive platform saves time and resources, and gives more convenient access to their data. This was the fundamental shift for Jonathan Adler, allowing them to strengthen segmentation efforts, behavioral triggers, and activate personalization capabilities.
A unified, digital marketing platform with a solid Shopify Plus integration made Listrak the perfect choice for Jonathan Adler resulting in 62X ROI since launch.

JEGS: 470% improvement over a 24-month partnership

JEGS, a pure-play, aftermarket auto parts retailer, joined Listrak immediately after the RGI model pinpointed the extensive gaps in their program.

  • Working hand-in-hand with their dedicated Account Manager, Strategy expert, and Professional Services team, JEGS has evolved and upgraded every area across the RGI to best-in-class.
“At JEGS Performance Automotive, speed is everything both on the track and off… After three years with another marketing platform, we switched to Listrak and saw a major increase in revenue – in less than 90 days…”
- Jeff Hennion, CEO

It should be noted these clients aren’t outliers or laggards. Most of our new clients move from other “adequate” email/digital marketing platforms. The vast majority with smart, capable, talented marketing teams at the helm. And yet their programs consistently see dramatic improvements.

This pattern of significant gains highlights the power of infusing objective expertise and experience via a framework like the Revenue Gap Index (of course combined with a robust technology platform).