A proven approach to identifying missed opportunities to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty with customers.

Introducing the Revenue Gap IndexSM.

Retailers are leaving money on the table with their email programs.

We’ve seen this repeatedly for several years – and still see it today. Smart retailers suffering poor results for any number of reasons and repeating the same mistakes again and again.

About two years ago we decided to change our approach to talking with prospective clients.

We developed a framework that helped us demonstrate to those prospects exactly what they were missing – where their gaps were and what it was costing them in lost revenue.

And it’s worked exceedingly well.

We’ve decided to share our methodology, insights, and experience via the Revenue Gap IndexSM.

What’s included:

  • An overview of the Revenue Gap IndexSM methodology which comprises 78 discrete measurement points across five key areas essential for any successful cross-channel program
  • Analysis from our sample of 25 retailer programs with insights that will help you better recognize deficiencies and gaps in your own program
  • Findings and recommendations that will help you focus resources and investments into the highest impact areas to drive incremental revenue.

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