A proven approach to identifying missed opportunities to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty with customers.

Five “Cores” Drive Revenue…

The Revenue Gap IndexSM is constructed using 78 discrete measurement points clustered into five core areas that constitute the essential foundation of any email/cross-channel engagement program. Each core has 20 possible points for a total potential of 100 points.

Identification and Acquisition

Identification and Acquisition is the lifeblood of every program. Best-in-class programs focus heavily in this area with the knowledge that new subscribers are, on average, the most engaged – and 80% will quickly begin a slow decline towards inactivity. It’s therefore essential that marketers constantly refine their onsite acquisition and identification strategies as well as omnichannel capture efforts.

Broadcast Campaigns

For years, Broadcast Campaigns were the core of most retailers’ programs – driving sometimes in excess of 80% of all email revenue. Typically developed by committee, these campaigns almost always consume the highest amounts of resources while being the least relevant to consumers. The goal in this area is streamlining the process while strategically optimizing these campaigns.

Behavioral Triggers

Behavioral Triggers are the most powerful emails a retailer can send. They are timely and relevant and therefore exceptionally productive. Unfortunately, most retailers skew towards one of two extremes: “checking the box” (resulting in sub-optimized campaigns), or“trigger-palooza” (which spreads limited resources across a wide array of less productive triggers preventing them from optimizing primary trigger campaigns).

Active Personalization

When Active Personalization is done right it can drive incredible revenue gains. There are few better ways to achieve this level of relevance with a customer. Yet most retailers fall into one of several traps: under-utilization across potential campaigns (hence the term Active), manually merchandised recommendations, or third-party solutions that don’t integrate well into email.

Integrated Cross-Channel

Integrated Cross-Channel focuses on both ensuring programs leverage every meaningful customer touchpoint (not just email, but SMS, social, etc.) as well as ensuring these touchpoints are orchestrated strategically from within a single, integrated platform. Both components are essential for maximizing customer interactions while avoiding disjointed customer experiences, incomplete feedback loops, attribution infighting, poor deliverability and other issues.