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Listrak Exchange allows you to connect your customer database directly to your ad platforms in Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

This real-time sync ensures all audiences are easily accessible and up-to-date while giving you the ability to target or suppress different audiences. For example, you can suppress your Lead Ads to subscribers already on your list, reallocating the budget accordingly.

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Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition

Spend your ad dollars more effectively by linking your customer database directly to social ad platforms to efficiently target site visitors who don't subscribe, while excluding those already on your marketing list. Lead AdAutomation syncs Facebook and Instagram subscribers to Listrak in real-time and provides detailed subscriber reporting.Extend the return on those new subscribers by including them in your Welcome Series and nurturing campaigns to maximize engagement and sales - automatically.

Smart Social Campaign Audience

Unleash the power of your 360 degree customer segmentation data within Listrak to drive paid search and social audience strategies. Target lookalike audiences to increase brand awareness and drive acquisitions and conversions. Optimize your spend based on the potential value of each product.

Streamline campaign creation time by connecting your real-time customer data directly to ad platforms, includingFacebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

The average retailer who targets five custom audiences in two networks (e.g. Facebook andGoogle) spends, on average, 20 hours per month manually updating audiences if they update them daily (they should!). Listrak Exchange automates this process, giving time back to retailers every day

Soft Surroundings, a retailer specializing in fashion, jewelry, accessories, fragrance and home goods, manages many ever-changing audience segments as they target a lookalike audience, site visitors, and current subscribers.They get even more granular as they show different ads based on where the audience members are in the buying journey and customer lifecycle.

Soft Surroundings benefits greatly from the convenience of Listrak Exchange’s two Facebook integrations:

  • One syncs audiences from Listrak to Facebook daily
  • The other syncs new Lead Ad subscribers from Facebook to Listrak in real-time

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"Listrak Exchange has been an immense timesaver for my team. The manual process of importing and exporting data files was hampering our ability to quickly set up audience targeting, but Listrak Exchange was able to automate that process, removing a huge frustration for us."

Mpix, the consumer division of the largest print and press professional lab in the United States, launched Listrak Exchange hoping to boost acquisition and expand their reach past the inbox. They utilize both the Facebook Lead AdAutomation and Google Customer Match Audiences to serve ads to specific segments, including cart abandoners, subscribers who opted-in within 30 days but haven’t purchased, lapsed customers who haven’t purchased in 30-180 days and subscribers who are currently receiving their welcome series.

"Listrak Exchange allows us to serve relevant ads that correspond with our email campaigns and promotional schedule to the right segments of our audience, even if they haven’t signed up for an account or purchased. Not only has it improved our targeting, but it has helped reduce our ad spend in several key areas."