Furniture Retailer Increase Average
Ticket Size by 130%


As a leader in the ready to assemble cabinetry industry The RTA Store has withstood the test of time by creating strong customer loyalty The products that CEO Tyler Ackerman sells typically arent impulse purchases Rather buying cabinetry is often viewed as an expensive and time consuming part of creating and maintaining a household Customers often come to The RTA Store after receiving high quotes from big box stores are looking for a cost effective way to remodel When The RTA Store decided they wanted to offer financing they searched for a partner they could trust as much as their customers have come to trust The RTA Store.

The RTA Store decided to partner with Bread, a leading platform for pay-over-time solutions that allows shoppers to finance their purchase in low monthly installments. The white label capabilities and ability to offer Bread anywhere on the site not just at checkout allowed, The RTA Store to quickly and seamlessly integrate the offering into their entire funnel.

"Typically customers are only offered financing when they are ready to check out With Bread we were able to offer financing much earlier in the sales process Our products are critical for the home and the ability to prequalify our customers for financing so they know what their monthly payment would be made them feel empowered This has been instrumental in helping us acquire more customers" - Tyler Ackerman - CEO, RTA Store

The RTA Store team took a holistic approach to marketing the financing offering across several channels, including online and email. By partnering with Bread, The RTA Store provided their customers with access to a financing packages typically reserved for big- box retailers and helped increase sales in a way that aligned with The RTA Store's overall mission. "Since offering Bread financing, we've seen impressive growth in our key performance metrics every quarter including sales, but also in average order value and transaction amounts. Not only are we acquiring more customers, but they are purchasing more than ever before," said Tyler.

Using Financing to Acquire New Customers

The RTA Store knew if they could find a way to make cabinet purchases feel less daunting they could increase sales significantly By partnering with Bread The RTA Store was able to offer and extend credit to a broader range of customers both traditionally at checkout and at various customer touch points without making any sacrifices to their products or services.

Financing to Win Back Abandoned Shoppers

After several months of encouraging traction across sales and revenue using Bread, Tyler and his team wanted to test if Bread could also help with people who created a cart online but never completed their purchase. Through a partnership with Listrak, Bread integrates directly into The RTA Store's cart abandonment email campaigns. The marketing team conducted a simple A/B email campaign to test the impact of offering financing in cart abandonment emails. One email had standard language and messaging, while the other offered financing options through Bread.

"The results of the NB test was remarkable and we've been able to use Bread financing not only to attract new customers but also win back customers who have abandoned their cart. We were able to harness actionable insights gathered from Bread to drive more sales and retarget shoppers that applied for financing but left without making a purchase. - Tyler Ackerman - CEO, RTA Store

Emails that included a personalized financing offer saw a 3X improvement in email conversion rates and drove a 155% increase in revenue. In addition, emails that included the personalized financing checkout links saw a 38% lift in click-through-rate and 86% higher AOV.


Increase in Average Ticket Size

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