You’ve invested in the relationship, you’ve given them all you have to offer, but they still refuse to hear you. Regardless of your approach, you just can’t reach them the way you used to. Are we talking about quarreling lovers? Nope, just your unsubscribers.

Awaken Your Unsubscribes

If you’re convinced that once someone clicks the unsubscribe button, you’ve lost them forever; I have some great news.As part of our, Predictive Analytics Playbook series in this article we’ll take a look at how you can awaken your unsubscribers and re-engage them through cross-channel marketing. Throughout this series, we’ll  show you how understanding what your shoppers’ next steps are  can give you an edge in your marketing strategy. 

Every single company that sends emails to its customers has a list of unsubscribes. One of your primary reporting numbers probably includes your unsubscribe rates -- that’s no surprise. But if you’re numbers are a little high, no need to worry, it’s possible to bring some of those contacts back. 

Everyone has unsubscribed users when it comes to email marketing -- it’s just part of the process. But you don’t want to see consistently high numbers when doing your email reporting. The global average is right around .2%, so use this as your benchmark to understand your stats. 

When talking about unsubscribed contacts, we can likely put them in two groups: those that were just sick of your email, and others who want to ignore your brand entirely. Now let’s take a closer look at how you can turn unsubcribers into re-engaged, active customers. 

Unsubscribers May Not Be Gone Forever

Here’s the good news, I have seen hundreds of thousands in an unsubscribe file identified by predictive models as highly likely to purchase. The real trick is knowing which ones they are. With Listrak Predictive Analytics, it’s easy to build and export an audience of unsubscribed contacts who are most likely to purchase.

With the help of predictive analytics, you can use actual data to help identify unsubscribers who may be ready to start hearing from your company again. How is this done? By understanding and analyzing the data you currently have about the people on your unsubscribe list will allow you to cater content to them. 

When doing your initial research on your unsubscribe list, it’s important to understand why email subscribers choose to stop hearing from you. There are a number of reasons why people unsubscribe and if your data leads you to a common trend, this is something to address before starting to promote your brand to this list again -- you only have one shot to re-engage these users.  

It may not always be clear, but if you can identify why customers are choosing to unsubscribe from your email list, you have a chance to correct the issue. If you’re sending too many emails and continue to send four a day -- the newly re-engaged subscriber is most likely going to unsubscribe again. 

Not only can you use this information to begin marketing to them in other ways, but it can also help you to identify possible unsubscribers or potentially inactive customers ahead of time. With this knowledge, you can build a customer retention plan to proactively decrease the number of unsubscribers. 

Implement Cross-Channel Marketing to Bring Them Back

So here’s the first roadblock, now that we have them, what can we do with them? We sure can’t email them, thanks to CAN-SPAM and CASL, but we can go multi-channel. Let’s take these email ignorers and deploy them to a paid search or social campaign. 

While we can’t hit their actual inbox, we can show them Gmail Ads using Google Customer Match. We can also run a reactivation campaign using Facebook Custom Audiences. Similar to Google Customer Match, this option will allow you to target customers based on your criteria on Facebook. It’s a great way to serve both active and inactive customers with content from your brand in a non-aggressive and compliant manner.  

Using more than one channel to reach customers provides a positive outcome for marketers. Not only does this apply as a way to reach and convert subscribers, but it can also help improve sales from your current customer base as well.

By running campaigns on paid search or social, you can see some serious returns for a few reasons. First, we’re not showing ads to those shoppers who want nothing to do with your brand. Second, of the others who still might shop with you, we’re targeting the ones who are most likely to buy in the near future.

Serving up remarketing ads through different channels can remind unsubscribers of your brand. But by taking it a step further and understanding their shopping behaviors and interests allows you to serve them personalized content that is likely to bring them back to your email list. 

You Can Bring Your Unsubscribers Back

Tennis Express took exactly this approach and saw a 60X return on ad spend (ROAS) on their Facebook campaign to unsubscribers. Don’t you wish all your ad campaigns had those types of numbers? Plus, they were able to reactivate potentially hundreds of customers that may have been lost forever if we just stuck to email.

Awaken your unsubscribers today, learn more about how Listrak Predictive Analytics can give you the insights to unlock hidden revenue potential within your entire marketing file.

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