Recently both Listrak clients were focused on email acquisition, wanting not just to obtain a great number of new addresses, but to acquire quality subscribers who were most likely to become brand enthusiasts and long-term customers with a co-branded sweepstakes. After assessing each other’s businesses, list size and email creative, there was no denying there was great synergy between Naturopathica and Coyuchi.

The co-branded sweepstakes message was deployed on December 3, 2014, the week following Black Friday. Consistent with the merchants’ brands, the email was elegant and simple.

The sweepstakes ran for eight weeks, and exceeded expectations for both merchants. The results:

  • 8% list growth
  • 14% faster growth than with modal lightboxes
  • Increased sales above average AOV

This collaboration was a great opportunity for us to work with a like-minded brand that shares the same values. We think this close match drove the success of the campaign with a compelling giveaway and introduction of a brand that is relevant to our audience.

Melissa Goades, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing, Coyuchi

We were thrilled to introduce our customers to Coyuchi – a brand that aligns so strongly with our values of promoting everyday attainable and sustainable well-being. This was a great opportunity to build our community by providing special access to a high-value and very relevant brand.

Sarah Falcon, Director of Marketing & Communications, Naturopathica

About Coyuchi

Coyuchi is dedicated to the mission of being the source for sustainable home furnishings that respect our natural surroundings and enhance the lives of every customer. Everything created at Coyuchi is designed to comfort and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit by helping customers turn their homes into unique and personal sanctuaries with products designed using only natural fibers, carefully sourced materials and minimal processing.

About Naturopathica

Naturopathica is dedicated to the health and well-being of skin, with every ingredient of its products carefully curated to promote skin and body health and delight the senses for overall well-being. Inspired by nature and drawing from traditional healing practices, Naturopathica remedies and rituals are created with a single, simple mission: to rejuvenate, comfort and enhance everyday lives.