Take Your Text Message Marketing Program Down Under

Listrak offers Australia international Text Message Marketing service as part of our commitment to a global SMS presence for our retail clients. Learn how to get started.

Listrak’s GXP Tops G2 Identity Resolution Indexes for Fall

G2 has awarded Listrak the top spot among identity resolution providers across all Fall Indexes: Relationship, Results, Usability, and Implementation.

What Listrak Can Do for Your Business, According to Forrester – Part II

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Listrak study outlined how Listrak’s unified platform and industry-leading service could save you 35% on marketing tool spend and 20% on campaign team time.

What Listrak Can Do for Your Business, According to Forrester – Part I

Forrester uncovered the many benefits clients can expect from their partnership with Listrak, including revenue growth: namely, a 45% increase in email revenue and a 40% increase in SMS revenue.

Plan An Effective Holiday Cross-Channel Marketing Calendar

Crafting an impactful strategy that will cut through the holiday message clutter can be overwhelming. Follow our six critical expert tips to ensure an effective strategy.

Understanding Gmail’s New ‘Bulk Sender’ Requirements

Gmail has announced new compliance rules for bulk email senders. Ensure you’re meeting the updated requirements for unsubscribe links and authentication before these changes go into effect on February 1, 2024.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Keeping yourself and others safe online is easy when you know how. Listrak and our employees prioritize security measures daily. We spotlight four key behaviors everyone can and should do.

Formatting Top-Performing Texts

Review best practices to ensure your SMS messages are formatted for top performance and engagement. With heavy channel competition and holiday season noise, follow our recommendations and cut through the clutter of it all.

Seamlessly Integrate Listrak + Twilio Segment

Great news! You can now share first-party data seamlessly between Listrak and Twilio Segment. Learn how to enable Listrak as an Event Cloud Source or as a Destination and take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Effectively A/B Split Testing Your Email & SMS Programs

Regularly test your cross-channel program strategies to maximize your revenue and ROI. Learn our testing do's and don'ts, then test a few now before the holiday season.

Metrics For Success: Measuring Cross-Channel Performance

Auditing your marketing plans throughout the year, and certainly before the holiday season, is crucial to ensuring ongoing success. Learn how to prioritize your audit.

Make a Strong Impact in the UK with Text Message Marketing

Consumers worldwide are glued to their devices – clicking, swiping, shopping. Therefore, SMS is becoming one of the fastest-growing retail channels worldwide. Get started now with text messaging in the UK.

Getting Started with SMS in the UK

Unlock a new level of engagement with your global customers. Listrak offers SMS service to the UK as part of our international messaging efforts.

Understanding Text Message Marketing Compliance Rules in the UK

If you have an existing UK SMS program or are looking to get started, review the compliance rules and requirements critical for ensuring an effective program.

Successfully Using SMS Two-Way Conversations

By responding to inbound text messages, you make customers feel connected and keep them engaged with your brand. Learn how to get started with Two-Way SMS Conversations so you aren’t leaving revenue on the table.

Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment in GA4

In the new GA4, the Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign attribution will differ from how UA attributed it. Learn how to create Custom Channel Grouping for accurate data analysis.

Reviewing Channel Attribution & Campaign Performance in GA4

Compare your UA and GA4 data. Learn the reporting differences and be confident when analyzing your data so you can make the best decisions for your brand and set new, smart goals and expectations with your leadership.

Why SMS Should Be a Key Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

Modern marketing programs are incomplete without text messaging. Learn how SMS can help drive revenue and grow your business as part of a robust cross-channel strategy.

Key SMS Acquisition Strategies to have in Place for a Strong Q4

It’s never too early to grow and engage your SMS list in preparation for the holiday season. Start building and optimizing now with these expert strategies.

Strategy Guide: Taking Your Automated Campaigns Cross-Channel

Learn why you should make your automated campaigns part of your email and SMS cross-channel strategy and how to get started.

When To Send: SMS Broadcast Frequency & Best Practices

Learn the ideal SMS broadcast frequency for maximum engagement and return. Then hear our best practice strategies to accomplish this, and set yourself up for 4Q Holiday engagement.

Google’s Move to GA4: Understanding Your Data

Now that you have migrated to GA4 understand the new iteration of analytics - the look, data organization, and KPIs definitions. Learn what to be aware of as you compare your data from UA to GA4.

Google’s Move to GA4: How To Stand Up GA4

We’ve pulled together resources and screenshots to help you migrate to GA4. Follow these and feel confident as you switch before June 1 – giving you time to analyze your data before Google’s July 1 switchover.

Google’s Move to GA4: Why You Should Switch Now

On July 1, 2023, Google Analytics will officially sunset its legacy system and go-live with its new iteration, GA4. Learn how this will impact your day-to-day campaign performance management and what you must do now to prepare.

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