posted on
March 11, 2021

Automated and Recurring SMS Opportunities

As more and more brands add SMS to their digital marketing suite, it’s more important than ever to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.
posted on
March 9, 2021

Project Launchpad: Active Personalization

Personalization is not always executed to the full extent. In 2021, we need to make personalization ubiquitous.
posted on
March 2, 2021

Project Launchpad: Behavioral Triggers

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to do with triggers, and it’s coming in 2021. See what is available now and what is coming later this year.
posted on
February 23, 2021

Project Launchpad: Broadcast Campaigns

There is more you can do with broadcast messages. Don’t get comfortable using just one or two tools in your toolbox. Listrak makes it easy to level up your emails and maximize results.
posted on
February 16, 2021

Project Launchpad: Identification and Acquisition

Step #1 in the 2021 Success Plan. Most retailers aren’t doing enough when it comes to identification & acquisition. Learn how to be strategically assertive in 2021.
Strategy and Tactics
posted on
February 15, 2021

Project Launchpad: Look Back 2020

2020 was anything but ordinary. Look back at the data and learn the four key lessons retail marketers need to take forward this year.
posted on
February 10, 2021

Windsor Finds A Great Partner In Listrak

Listrak gives Windsor complete visibility into its customer journey, from email to SMS, and the ability to customize its transactional content.
posted on
January 29, 2021

Project Launchpad: How Will You Comp 2020?

Now that we’ve turned the page to 2021, the challenge before every retailer is "how will we comp those numbers"?
posted on
January 28, 2021

Listrak Private Virtual Event: Cocktails and Conversation with Scott Galloway

We had a great conversation with Scott Galloway last night!
posted on
January 27, 2021

JR Cigars Adds Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP)

GXP is the latest solution in driving quick, positive results for JR Cigars.
posted on
January 23, 2021

Health-E Commerce Consolidates Vendors For A Seamless, Cross-Channel Experience

Listrak’s integrated platform powers both SMS and email, driving growth in both channels immediately.
posted on
January 18, 2021

Woodcraft Turns Up Acquisition With GXP

Woodcraft sees a massive jump in daily subscribers with GXP’s onsite features that understand how and when to engage site visitors.

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