Getting Started with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Since the passage of GDPR, several states in the U.S. have proposed their own version of data protection laws. But by far, the most comprehensive – and toughest – is the California Consumer Privacy Act, passed in June 2018. Learn more about the Act and the steps to help you prepare.

Data Improves the Bottom Line… Optimization Strategy Driven by Insights

Customer analytics can point out gaps in your strategy that are leaving money on the table. Learn how we can help you tune-up your programs, learn from unsubscribes, and optimize to save money.

Gain the Competitive Advantage with Insight-Driven Customer Retention Strategies

Whether they only bought once, or were a long-time fan, nobody likes losing customers. Good news is you can do more to keep those hard-earned customers coming back time and again. Customer insights give you the tools to answer tough questions.

Let Insights Drive Strategic Acquisition and Conversion

Today’s retail competition is fierce, and shoppers have abundant options. Their expectations are high, and their patience is low. Remove the guesswork from acquisition and conversation with a customer analytics platform that drives strategic and actionable insights.

Time for Some Digital Spring Cleaning? Our Take on the Mailchimp/Shopify Issue

We want to make sure you’re aware of the recent changes and how they will affect you. You might already be rethinking or spending time updating your integrations, so why not level up in the process? Special offer for new customers.

CDP or CRM? What do retailers really need?

Every retailer needs to better understand their customers, to extract valuable insights about those customers, and then easily act on those insights to drive engagement, revenue and loyalty.

The State of Marketing: Q&A with Kate Levin of Bread

Bread's Vice President of Merchant Success talks modernizing financing for the 21st century consumer and merchant; working with the merchant to weave financing into the right points in each customer’s journey.

Mobile Holiday Trends and Tactics

With the increasing power of mobile commerce, it’s important for retailers to utilize this channel to its fullest potential in the coming months.

Ten Tips for the Perfect Gift Giving Guide

Gift guides can provide a big lift during the holiday shopping season. The trick is to keep them relevant. Here are some tips to help yours stand out among the crowd.

Holiday Strategies Unwrapped

Our seasoned team of Account Managers, Digital Strategists, and Project Managers comprise a few tips they recommend you follow for a successful holiday this year.
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