Listrak’s Project Launchpad: Your 2021 Success Plan,Cross-Channel

Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

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Step #1: Identification and Acquisition

Step #2: Broadcast Campaigns  

Step #3: Behavioral Triggers

Step #4: To-Do: Personalization

Core #5: Integrated Cross-Channel

Another must in 2021 is cross-channel.

It’s so important to power your digital marketing from one platform. Yes, this ensures the right message to the right person at the right time, but it does so much more. You know correct source attribution. You close the loop on all customer behaviors because all customer data is connected, and you are delivering that one-to-one experience to your customers.

Last year, SMS exploded into a true engagement channel. Retailers who aren’t doing SMS must now jump to catch up to their customers and meet their expectations.

Leading skincare brand joined Listrak a year ago using all of our platform features and functionality, including SMS. Success to-date:

  • 8% of their mobile visitors are signing up to be a part of their SMS program.
  • Broadcast SMS messages have a 6% conversion rate. (Compared to a standard 2%-3% email conversion rate.)

SMS isn’t just for the younger demographic. We had many skeptical clients who rolled out this channel and have seen enormous success.  

This year we must be on our game with best-of-breed SMS capabilities and features.  At Listrak, we will be rolling out new features every month. Everything you see below will be live and available by July 4.

Success Plan Step #5: Say yes to cross-channel communication. SMS is essential – your customers have adopted it. With cross-channel your revenue will increase, which will positively affect your 2021 revenue.

You can watch the full Step #5 webinar video here.

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