Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

If you missed the first three blogs in this series, catch-up now:  

Look Back at the 2020 Data

Step #1: Identification and Acquisition

Step #2: Broadcast Campaigns   

Core #3: Behavioral Triggers

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to do with triggers, and it’s coming in 2021.

Have you ever dreamed of 100% email revenue coming from your triggered campaigns? 2021 at Listrak may bring you one step closer to this with a new infrastructure rollout we are calling “Behavioral Listening Service.” This will allow you to pick up on every single behavior on your website. You’ll then be able to trigger workflows or create customer segments from that info.  Stay tuned for more. 

GXP is another great revenue powerhouse for triggers. When you ID more people, you get more subscribers, which leads to more triggers out the door. The result is more money. In fact, you can grow your ecommerce revenue 10-20% with GXP.

2021 Success Plan Step #3: Behavioral triggers are so powerful and ultimately affect broadcast messages’ performance when sent outside of the Listrak platform. To maximize performance, send with Listrak to avoid sacrificing broadcast message inbox placement and to close the feedback loop. These issues cause more inactive contacts because the trigger engagement info is missing.

You can watch the full Step #3 webinar video here.

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