Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

If you missed the first blog in this series, catch-up: Look Back at the 2020 Data

Now let's jump into the 2021 Success Plan.

First and foremost, a partnership with Listrak is a must for this success plan to work. Listrak delivers results time and time again for our clients, and we will help you as well.

How do we do this? Our years of retail experience and working with clients has allowed us to identify five core areas that drive revenue. If your missing one of these cores or aren’t doing it to its full potential, you have a gap in your program. Listrak helps you identify and fill these gaps.  

Core 1: Identification and Acquisition

Simply put, most retailers aren’t doing enough.

Listrak’s Growth Accelerator platform, GXP, was built to solve this gap. Identity and acquisition are lifebloods of any program.Industry research shows 97% of site visitors are anonymous. That means you know just 3%, the other 97% you need to identify. Additionally, this 97% might be completely new on your site, or they might be people you do know but are on a different device, or they’ve cleared cookies. GXP helps you be strategically assertive. Remember, from our lessons learned – customers want to engage.

Listrak’s GXP has an entire arsenal of tools to identify and acquire. You may have a modal pop-up, but do you have the right one (entry, exit, persistent button), the right messaging (with an offer or no offer), and the correct frequency that drives engagement with your visitors. Through constant testing, we know what works and what doesn’t to drive maximum results.

The two major benefits of GXP are shown below in our client success stories.

1.) The huge gain in acquisition.

This client had a modal before GXP, but they weren’t using it as strategically as possible. Partnering with us for GXP allowed our experts to take over and apply our best-in-class knowledge. The result was a huge, immediate gain in subscribers. *Note, we realize this is an extreme example, so looking across 60-plus clients in GXP, the average growth experienced is 100%.  

2.) Improves conversion rates in the session because your site visitors are ready to buy.

A corollary benefit to being strategically assertive is an improvement in the conversion rates of that session. This makes a lot of sense because your interacting with your customers – following them around your site and potentially showing discount offers. With GXP, conversion rates in session improve for retailers across all categories. *If we look on average, a 25% gain in test versus control conversion rate is what GXP clients experience.

2021 Success Plan Step #1: Adopt GXP and be strategically assertive. You’ll identify more contacts and increase the on-site conversion rate. This is major first step in driving incremental revenue to reach your revenue goals.

You can watch the full Step #1 webinar video here.

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