Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

If you missed the first two blogs in this series, catch-up now:  

Look Back at the 2020 Data

Step #1: Identification and Acquisition

Core 2: Broadcast Campaigns

There is still more you can do with broadcast messages. Don’t get comfortable using just one or two tools in your toolbox.

The Listrak platform makes using all these tools easy. When you execute these, you level up your emails and maximize results – engagement, clicks and conversions.

Personalization is worth speaking about a little more. The goal of every retailer should be to deliver a one-to-one experience in the inbox. When sending broadcast messages, you’re sending them to the same audience, but each person gets a different experience when they open their email.

This broadcast email is missing all personalization. There is no dynamic content, no product recommendations, no dynamic offers based on coupon affinity or discount affinity. An active customer with this retailer is very disappointed to receive this.

The retailers that are doing personalization well keep their subscribers and customers engaged. This results in clicks and conversions because every email delivers a great personalized experience and builds curiosity and demand for your product catalog.

Another Broadcast Campaign’s must-do is Segmentation.“Reactivate” is a new strategy we recommend for 2021.

“Reactive” takes your old, inactive subscribers and verifies through proprietary software, who is active with other brands – usually 30-50%of them. We then prescribe you, just like a doctor, how often you should mail to them and in what ways. The results are typically 40%-50% reactivate. If you do the quick math, this can increase your active list by 20%-30%.  

2021 Success Plan Step #2: Use all the Listrak platform tools to maximize engagement and drive more revenue from your Broadcast Campaigns. Look outside your active list, and reactivate inactive subs for incremental revenue this year.

You can watch the full Step #2 webinar video here.

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