Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. It’s what every marketer strives to create because highly engaged customers buy more and demonstrate more loyalty. To build customer engagement, marketers need to identify connection points throughout the customer lifecycle that offer positive interaction and quality content, in addition to their product or service. 

Alert messages – Back in Stock, Price Drop, Low Inventory – are often overlooked by marketers but are a great connection point that reaches customers when they are most engaged with your brand. 

Alert campaigns often result in the highest engagement rates and the highest revenue per message sent. Customers love the good news they communicate and the personalized messaging that’s directly related to their browsing history. With 90% of text messages opened within just 3 minutes of delivery, alert messages are perfect to send through SMS.

In Listrak, you can automate email and text messages to send alerts immediately when the product meets your set threshold or percentage. 

Back in Stock

When products are out of stock, invite your customers to sign up to receive notifications when additional stock is available directly on your website’s product pages. This ensures you’re targeting the most invested customers who are likely to engage. You can offer them to sign up for alerts either via text or email (or both) and set up the trigger in Listrak’s Workflow to send the notification with a link directly back to the product page when stock is available. The settings even allow you to determine what’s an appropriate amount of inventory to warrant triggering the message.

Price Drop 

When it comes to price drop alerts, Listrak can track who has recently been browsing product pages on your site. If a product goes on sale and the price drops by a certain level (determined and set by you, the marketer), those recent browsers can be sent a notification to go back and take advantage of the deal.

Low Inventory

A similar targeting strategy is available for when recently browsed products are running low on inventory. Again, a notification is sent to the customer to “Grab it before it’s gone!” and encourage urgency to checkout because there’s a limited inventory available. 

Remember: alert messages offer a quick win, are a high yield engagement opportunity, and SMS is a great channel to communicate an urgency to buy. Customers welcome the touchpoint, so don’t miss out on the chance to connect!

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