Mobile marketing messages reach customers personally, enhancing their experiences while increasing engagement. Through carefully orchestrated cross-channel messaging, mobile subscribers are your most engaged customers and brand advocates, having 25% higher engagement metrics than email-only subscribers.

Broadcast and Triggered SMS

Create the right mobile experience through personalized, regularly scheduled broadcast messages and timely, relevant transactional SMS that go beyond order confirmation to include loyalty/reward triggers, time-triggered reminders, claim processing alerts, account-based alerts and more.

  • Compose, preview and schedule SMS campaigns right in Listrak’s application – no need to login or manage 3rd party software
  • Create targeted campaigns – filter by keyword, purchase behavior, or profile field, such as postal code or birthday
  • Time zone optimization based on area code
  • Dedicated short codes
  • Dynamic coupon pools
  • Real-Time engagement and revenue reporting and analytics


MMS (Multimedia Message Send) allows you to send photos, gifs or longer text (1,000 characters plus an image) to add a fun and engaging layer to your mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Step beyond SMS by including rich, vibrant and visual content in your text messages
  • MMS messages can be 1000 characters, as opposed to 160 characters for SMS
  • Reach nearly 100% of your addressable mobile customers as every phone that is SMS-enabled is also MMS-enabled
  • Share mobile coupons, UPC bar codes, product photos, etc.
MMS click-through rate
more likely to share MMS content

Cross-Channel Interactions

Create carefully-orchestrated cross-channel messaging. Easily add transactional SMS messages, triggered by API, to automated campaign conversations in Listrak Conductor.

  • Drive acquisition between email and mobile – engaging cross-channel subscription and customer data management
  • Enhance email and social campaigns with mobile messaging – create urgency and drive conversions
  • Streamline cross-channel message creation and orchestration while remaining consistent and compliant
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Featured Case Studies



Launched and optimized triggered campaigns to engage across the customer journey

“I’ve been very impressed with the speed of innovation and continual investment into the platform. The tool itself is powerful and the people we work with go above and beyond to make us feel supported.”
Josh Michael, Digital Marketing Manager
Email revenue growth
Email revenue from triggered campaigns


Capitalized on automated predictive segmentation to increase and maintain reader engagement

“The Listrak platform is pretty easy to use, and the people are super helpful and friendly. I genuinely feel like Listrak wants what's best for its clients and not just its bottom line, which is really nice.”
Emilie Pacheco, Sr. Director of Marketing & Retention
Newsletter open rate
Deliverability rate

Traeger Grill

Client since 2013

Capitalizedon AI-driven predictive content and product recommendations to increase “grillmaster” loyalty and engagement

Email revenue growth
Average annual list growth

Soft Surroundings

Client since 2015

Listrak Exchange Delivers Cross-Channel Engagement

“The manual process of importing and exporting data files was hampering our ability to quickly set up audience targeting, but Listrak Exchange was able to automate that process, removing a huge frustration for us.
Gail Buffington, VP of Marketing & Analytics
Lifetime email revenue growth
Lifetime list growth
MMS click-through rate
SMS read rate

Text-To-Join Acquisition and SMS Keyword Campaigns

Acquire numbers and email addresses across multiple channels and touchpoints with strategic text-to-join campaigns.

  • In-store signage strategies create opportunities for customers to start the conversation; no need to update POS, train employees or add new hardware or software
  • On-site tactics that engage visitors at the right points on your site as they’re browsing to encourage opt-ins
  • Email best practices to promote your SMS program in your most profitable channel
  • SMS campaigns to acquire email addresses to simultaneously and organically grow both lists
higher engagement
SMS + email conversion rate
higher engagement

SMS Filtering for Highly-Targeted Campaigns

Optimize SMS spend, drive increased customer engagement and strategically influence the path to purchase. Unlock the unified 360˚ customer profile and transform data from intent-based signals, including transactional history, behavioral activity and customer journey stage, into targeted, relevant SMS audiences.

Tracking and Compliance

Listrak gives you the tools you need to run successful SMS campaigns.

  • SMS reporting includes short code level subscriptions, message volume, broadcast campaign metrics, and keyword opt-in metrics
  • Revenue attribution and reporting
  • Additional contact management is available
  • Google Analytics campaign reporting is quick and easy
  • Our experts will help you navigate through the compliance and carrier approval process during implementation and beyond

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