Consumer Packaged Goods companies are navigating a time where ecommerce is growing more popular than in-store experiences. But when your business model and KPIs are tied to store shelf sales, how can you get your foot in the door with the ecommerce community consumers (increasingly) depend on?

CPG Marketers today must go “beyond the shelf” – whether they offer onsite commerce or not – and deploy a strong cross-channel presence through store, website, email and social. This reflects the cross-channel nature of today’s shoppers and their demand for real-time connectivity.

Listrak’s Digital Marketing solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods help organizations deploy email and deliver personalized experiences. Here are some simple strategies that prove to drive acquisition, engagement and loyalty, revenue, and subject matter expertise through our digital marketing solutions:

On-site Acquisition
A pop-up or full screen takeover is an easy way to build your email list. Reaching your consumers beyond the store shelf and establishing that all-important relationship is a MUST.

Welcome Series
Once they’ve signed up through your pop-up, welcome your subscribers and start building brand loyalty with a three-part series campaign. Dynamic Content can include relevant videos, blog posts or articles that establish your CPG expertise and leadership.

Content Personalization

Quality content adds value to your brand experience beyond a simple product offering. Delivering it right to the consumer’s inbox based on their preferences and behaviors deepens their engagement and loyalty. Content such as blogs, articles and product instructions curated in email and on-site increases site traffic and retention rates, and keeps your brand top-of-mind when shoppers are not in the active buying cycle.

Recurring Automated Campaigns
CPG brands can utilize Recurring Automated Campaigns to engage consumers with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails that include recipes and how-to instructions. This activity keeps appropriate CPG products prominent, while encouraging their use and likelihood of repurchase. What’s more, including recommended products that are personalized to the recipient from the ecommerce site will enhance the experience of products that are bought in-store.

Build an Educational Hub
For CPG entities whose sites are not used to drive eCommerce business, the strategies above can still be put to good use to leverage your site as an educational outlet, and to establish market thought leadership. A product resource center and resource-based cross-channel campaigns can improve your customer lifecycle by driving shoppers back to the store based on the content you share.

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